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Rumor: PS Plus August PS4 games well-leaked Ahead Schedule


PS Plus PlayStation Plus August 2019 PS4

The Playstation Plus games in August 2019 probably left. Depending on the images received by Glitched Africa from the reader, two PlayStation 4 titles are displayed as "free" on the PlayStation Store, along with the usual small PS Plus logo. We've seen PS Plus Games early on in the PlayStation Store, but this is especially early – we're barely halfway through July.

Anyway, the two concerned games are Star Wars Battlefront 2 and EA Sports UFC 3, allegedly, and off-screen snaps themselves seem to be legitimate.

However, we begin to wonder if this is just some type of error. Both titles are published by EA, which makes it a rather non-seamless choice. In our doubt, the fact is that EA Access – the EA subscription service – will be presented later this month for the PS4 on July 24th. Would the EA really be willing to take two of its (relatively new) PS Plus games only after its subscription service started on the same platform? We're not sure again.

We will know if all this is true on July 31 – then Sony will officially announce the PS Plus Games in August.

During this time, let us know if you will be satisfied with this layout in the comment section below.

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