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Rohit Sharma returns to India before teammates and caught for "careless" parenting


Rohit Sharma was noticed in Mumbai.

After defeating New Zealand on Wednesday, Indian Vice President Rohit Sharma returned to India from England on Friday, two days before his counterparts.

An Indian opener was spotted Friday evening at Mumbai Airport along with his wife, Ritiko Said and daughter Samaira. They saw him sitting in the driver's seat in the middle of the sea of ​​photographers.

While the shade of batsman received warm comments on the post in Instagram to lead the front in the World Cup, but there was a lot of dising 32-year-old for failing to win the trophy and some even wondering why he did not have a replaceable baby car seat for his daughter .

Comments for Post Instagram.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Indian team is still in England, which is expected to return to Mumbai on July 14 from London.

"All players were scattered. Tomorrow they will meet in London. 14. Everyone returns from London. They will come to Mumbai, "the BCCI source told PTI.

After a 18-run loss to the semi-finals, Rohit posted a sincere message on the social media on Thursday. Together with KL Rahul and captain Virat Kohli, he was even fired for one, while in Manchester he was persecuting 240 Zelandians.

The end of the 116th run for the seventh transfer between MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadejo proved to be too late for India, as Kyiv swimmers joined the Indian striker in the latter to reach the second consecutive finals.

Rohit remains the highest winner with 648 competitions in the World Cup 2019 after defeating Australia from England in the second semifinal, including a record five hundred. Sachin Tendulkar reached the record for most matches in one edition of the World Cup with 25 competitions.

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