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Rock says that the interview "Generation Snowflake" never happened (Video) t

Rock talked about a Daily Star an article he attributed to him talking about the "generation of snowflakes", which sets us back because he says that the interview never happened.

The Rock has released a new video on Instagram, which rejected an initial interview, saying that he never said these words and that the interview was not:

You record the record.
The conversation never happened.
I never said those words.
100% fake.
If I ever had a problem with someone, group, community or generation, I would have found them, created a dialogue, and understood to the best of my ability.
Criticizing is not my style.
I do not give stones and we all become who we are.
#millies #plurals # boomers # TequilaGeneration

Rock said that he was quite confused when he read it because the article was 100% made, and comments like those that were presented in the interview are not real and it's not the one who is.

Today, The Star in Rock wrote the following comments:

"It's democracy. So many good people fought for freedom and equality – but this generation is looking for a reason to offend. If you do not agree with them, they are offended – and this is not what many big men and women fought for. "

"Fortunately, we are now living in a world that has advanced over the past 30 or 40 years," said 46-year-old beef. "People can be the ones who want to be with those who want it and live as they want. This can only be a good thing – but the generational snowflake, or whatever you want to call, actually sets us back. "

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