Rittich steals the Flames victory against the best NHL line


CALGARY – Matthew Tkachuk is not too sure how he came to this, but the fraternal love that he and David Rittich portray from his trip to Philadelphia attracts attention.

At the end of the last three victories in Calgary Flames, Tkachuk took all fights with a teammate with a curious, one-off embrace with Rittich, which is difficult to describe.

"I do not know how it started, but a small embrace has turned into a big embrace, it has changed into a jump and a hug, but now it has turned into a big jump and hug – somehow it continues, we create something," said Tkachuk V Wednesday morning he laughed when a staff member suggested he did not want to see how much more enthusiasm they would get.

"This can be the last stage of this."

A few hours later, the Tkachittich jump / hug was re-executed after "Big Save Dave" completely stole one for the Flames.

They held him civilian, as Tkachuk repeatedly refused, before he jumped into Rittich when the horn sounded, and the classmates greeted the fans.

This time, the whole team probably wanted to jump into the weapon of a 26-year-old gift that played such an important role in Flames's turning season as everyone else.

On this night, the requirement was to save 35 to the Colorado team led by the best line in hockey.

He made 32 of them in a 5-3 win, which Flames otherwise did not earn.

The winning goal in front of Michael Frolika's trousers was disappointing the difference in the game, in which Flamesi threw only 15 shots in Semyon Varlamov, who is still struggling.

Thus, the winner of Flames with Rittich finished with man-hugs before the injury.

"I did this because he saved my ass," laughed Rittich when he asked him how the animated hug appeared after a late return, orchestrated by Tkachuk in Philly.

This time, Rittich returned the favor, moving his record to an extraordinary 16-4-3.

In the first of five natural dates, the focus was on the first two NHL lines.

Including Tkachuck, the game featured seven of the best NHLs. Only two NHL games in 1992 had so many top-20 snipers.

The story after the end of the evening was how much the Avs trio was by Mikko Rantanen, Gabriel Landeskog, and Nathan MacKinnon in a game that seemed to have taken her in the second period.

After a single period, the only Avs who shot the goal was scored.

By the end of the second, the number of shooters was added to two other Colorado teams, as top guns were on their own, to break the game 2-2, which was opened with unbearable pressure. The big three finished with 23 shots, 12 of them finished by Landeski.

If not for Rittich, things could be avoided.

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Unfortunately, Flames' goalkeeper Elias Lindholma returned the whole game with seven minutes into the second.

Rittich helped them stay out of there.

"I think that the faster team from the first period was all the way to the end, and the shooters would support this," said Bill Peters of the opportunist cup, who came out with four players who won three times.

"Their speed throughout the line has sometimes caused problems. We found a way to tear it out. This was Lindy's timely goal. This is a dangerous group. "

Johnny Gaudreau finished with five goals, but his six points game continued with two assists, giving him 15 points.

Five-to-five, his line with Sean Monahan and Lindholm was heavily overshadowed by Avalanche Aces, which ended the night with a verbal fracture on the MacKinnon bench, which looked to coach Jared Bednar. Colorado has one win over the past nine.

"It was certainly not our game, but good teams find a way to win, and I think that we improved when the game continued – our third period was our best period, and that's what you need to do right now," he said. Mark Jankowski, who led a criminal penalty, stopped all four avalanche advantages.

"(Rittich) was a lot of games this year this year – he kept us when we should not be inside and keep the door tight for us to get a couple."

Jankowski and Mikael Backlund also reached the goals of the first round to open the game.

Frolik's lucky goal in the middle of the third round set Flames to 4-2 and had fans on edge for the last 90 seconds when the two top lines faced each other.

A missed opportunity for an empty net of Flames led to Rantan's hit, which Tkachuka forced to achieve an empty net over the last 10 seconds.

Accept the hug.


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