Ring should provide employees with access to video resources for customers


Last month, Informations described how in 2016 the company approved inexperienced engineers in their offices in Ukraine access to a database that contained the video history of customers of the Ring party. In Intercepts sources said that access was via the Amazon S3 storage folder that contained all of the videos ever taken by the Ring product. The sources were also told Prestrezanje that US executives and engineers had access to live customer camera resources. They also described how Ringa's engineers would check the cameras of their colleagues and irritate them when they saw how to bring home or show videos to other employees when they saw something interesting.

The videos were apparently shared with engineers so that Ringov AI could train more thoroughly. But Prestrezanje notes that the terms of service and privacy policy of Ring do not mention that staff have access to customer videos. According to reports, the company has increased its security measures from purchasing Amazon, which has prevented staff from downloading videos and limiting their access. But Informations Reports that workers can easily find a solution for certain controls.

Last year Ring became entangled by an error that allowed users to remain logged into the account even after changing their password.

As the spokesman for the Ring said Prestrezanje that the videos that were used to improve the services were obtained from "publicly released Neighbors ringtones" as well as from Ring customers who agreed with such use. He also said that the company has a "strict policy" regarding the actions of its employees. "The members of our team adhere to high ethical standards and everyone who violates our policies faces discipline, including termination and possible legal and criminal sanctions," they said. "In addition, we did not tolerate the abuse of our systems, and if we find the bad players who deal with this behavior, we will act swiftly against them."

We've visited Ring and we will update this post if he can hear more.


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