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Revisiting Blue Jays' Sports Illustrated jinx cover at Martin's store

Think back to October of 2015. It was a happy time for the organization of Toronto Blue Jays and its wild base of fans waiting for 22 years in the playoffs.

Now remember when the then managers John Gibbons and six players of the team Edwin Encarnacion, Troy Tulowitzki, David Price, Russell Martin, Jose Bautista and AL MVP Josh Donaldson were presented on the cover page Sports Illustrated and some fans feared that the team would be influenced by mystery SI cover Jinx?

Of course, not all sports enthusiasts are superstitious (some are just a little bit static), but with three years of later views some may look at this cover and think, Strange, maybe there was something to do with boxingbecause in a Friday report that the team replaced Martin with Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for two options, no one from the now infamous cover remains in Blue Jays.

The end of the #BlueJays period. Accordingly, we have created an appropriate @sportsillustrated coverage.

10.1k Likes, 403 Comments – Sportsnet (@sportsnet) on Instagram: "The end of the #BlueJays period. We adequately updated the @sportsillustrated cover. "

This central group helped the team to progress to the ALCS this year, but failed to reach a potential World Series champion Kansas City Royals.

The SI The cap, of course, had nothing to do with the outcome – Royals were simply a better team – but no matter what your opinion about jinx, juju, voodoo, karma, curse, coincidence, serendipity et cetera, the fact is when this title was published Blue Jays started the downhill, which in the next few years gained momentum and left the low-expecting team for the 2019 season. T

Summarizing: Boston Red Sox left the Boston Red Sox price in winter and failed to catch a second successive title, AL East. In 2016 they made a return trip to ALCS, but this team did not have exactly the same aura as the group from the previous year.

The team with the Encarnacion team after the 2016 season split and the same with Bautista the following year, when its production continued to decline.

The disappointed 2018 campaign saw that the team traded with Donaldson in Cleveland, the Gibbons fire when she finished the 73-89 record and officially missed the often-damaged Tulowitzky in December.

Martin was the last dominoes to fall.

If you consider this, when Blue Jays becomes a victim SI Jinx, this is not the first time that it affected the fate of the team.

Back in October 1987, the outsider Lloyd Moseby was shown on the scale SI cover along with the inscription, which reads: "Toronto is taking." However, before the problem ran into kiosks (remember journalist benches?!), Blue Jaysi unexpectedly and inexplicably collapsed, blasted 3.5 guides into AL East and missed. ended in the ending.

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