Tuesday , October 26 2021

Returning postal attacks returns to Metro Vancouver, hit B.C. parcel hub


The rotating sentences of Canada's workers returned to Metro Vancouver.

Angu Parmar, the third vice president of the local population of the Canadian Post Officers Association (CUPW) in Vancouver, said that about 1,600 workers left the Richmond sorting center and escaped Saturday.

The Canadian Mail, which spins, moves to Vancouver on Friday

The facility classifies and dispatches packets and mail for warehouses across the province.

"On Monday or Tuesday, they will definitely deliver delivery. There are many mail inside," said Parmar.

"It's basically a hub, all of which comes for the whole province and sort it out and open it."

Association said locals in all other B.C. communities that saw work on Friday, re-started on Saturday.

Postal workers are carrying out rotating strikes since October 22nd, with work now being touched by more than 150 communities.

Parmar said that the trade union chose rotating strikes to pass on their message to the employer and to try to minimize the impact on customers.

WATCH: Postal workers start working in Richmond, B.C. plant

"We hope Canada Post will come to the table and negotiate with us," she said.

On October 26, a rotating strike targeted the Richmond facility.

The union, which represents approximately 50,000 postal workers, says it is surprised by the concern for health and safety, forced overtime and what they write, are issues related to the rising number of parcel shipments.

Here are the things on which workers from Canada can continue to strike strikes

The union and Canada Post were unable to negotiate a new contract last year.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested this week that he should not have been worried about the labor dispute and that his government could take action soon if both sides could not agree.

For more than two weeks, Labor Minister Patty Hadju has appointed a special mediator in the dispute to help Canada Post and the Union help bridge their differences.

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