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Reaves: The signed Wilson photo has been destroyed

Photos he signed Ryan Reaves Vegas's golden knight keeps looking forward Tom Wilson given that the Washington Capitals cricket remained on the ice after a blind shot on Tuesday night, they were "destroyed", according to the team and Reaves.

A Las Vegas-based souvenir company began selling photographs signed by Reaves with the inscription "It bumped into a lion in the jungle" on Tuesday night.

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Receiving eBay via ESPN

Inscript paragraphs removed the photo from the site on Thursday, and the copy was also removed from eBaya.

The Golden Knights Vice President Eric Tosi told ESPN "the photos were not split and were destroyed," while Reaves The Athletic said on Thursday evening that he signed the photos, but he realized when they were in bad taste and asked for destruction. Reaves added that no copies were sold.

Reaves had expired since Tuesday's race against Capitals after catching Wilson with a late hit while he looked up the ice. Both of them in the first two periods of the game reversed, but both of them ended up when Reaves struck Wilson when he watched his ice pass with five minutes in the second period. Wilson, who returned to the capitals, pulled the plate past the blueline with the side and watched the rake in his shoulder while watching. Wilson's helmet left and seemed to have hit a bare head on the ice. Since then, he has not played.

The 31-year-old did not cope with the extra discipline for a hit and said on Tuesday night he did not believe he omitted.

"It was a men's game out there … I thought he was just watching his passage, and he ran into a lion in the jungle," Reaves said. "If he sees me, I know he will try to get me out and I will not let him go. I thought we shoulder to shoulder and I did not think it would be too late."

Wilson, who due to suspension missed the first 16 seasons of the season, was given a race track with blood injuries with physical injuries.

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