Raptors Takeaways: VanVleet, the green level loses the tape to the end


There is no better way to stop the loss of the track in three matches by facing one of the worst basketball teams, as Toronto Raptors beat Chicago Bulls 122-83 on Saturday night.

In this season, Toronto scored 100 points in all 17 matches, and this was the second time when it reduced the opponent to less than 100 points.

Raptors extended their Bulls winning series to six consecutive matches and as a result improved to 6-2 on the road. Chicago was the first of five natural opponents to play Toronto with a record below 0.5500.

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At this point last year, Raptors were 11-6. They are now 13-4, which is why they improved before the season at a high 59-fold winning franchise.

Here my are taken from the victory of Raptors 122-83 over Bulls.

Danny Green is the money

Danny Green did not miss any of his seven shots from the field and was 3-for-3 outside the arc.

Green has eight games with a three-point shot, theft and a block that ranks third in the NBA. It was very helpful in the evening, when the Raptors had no depth of wing, Green showed up and showed 17 points and the plus-35 playground.

Green is shown to be much more than a return from trading Leonard-DeRozan, as it is proving to be a key component of the Toronto championship championship.

Exhausted depth on the wing

Despite the missing key points, the depth of the Raptors has won the game with all 13 players in a single scoring.

Norman Powell has been with the left subluxation shoulder, C.J. Miles nursed with the right abductor strain and OG Anunoby was injured on Friday by the cross section of his right wrist. In addition, Kawhi Leonard went on a regular rest.

The depth of the Raptors, more precisely their depth of wing, was tested on Saturday night. Miles is expected next week and Powell is getting better sooner than expected, so Raptors will soon get relief.

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Fred VanVleet starts at home

Due to problems with injury, VanVleet got its first professional start in its home state, Illinois. VanVleet had a large family contingent, including a mother and a young daughter.

He introduced himself to his family, as VanVleet led all the players who achieved a season high point of 18 points in the shooting from 7-11 from the roof in only three quarters of the work. VanVleet shot only 36 percent of the one who entered, so it's a good sign that he started coming back.

Kyle Lowry suffers from damage during the trash

With Raptors, it increased by 30 points from 1:30 in the third quarter, and their worst-case scenario began life: Kyle Lowry was injured.

Lowry turned an unusual step on his left ankle while defending himself with a defensive mechanism. He walked in front of the hall and immediately descended through the tunnel until he was able to lie down because of the pain. This is a type of non-contact injury that could be a random occurrence or could result from excessive exposure before playing heavy minutes at return nights.

The security shooter returned to the bench and screamed, but the fact that he was present is a good sign. Lowry played 29 minutes after the injury after more than 43 minutes on Friday night at a loss of overtime for Boston Celtics.

With a second inverted back on Wednesday and Wednesday, Lowry's health is worth following.


Raptors improved to 4-0 on the second night of the season. Only one of these four games was in play when the load management program continued.

What's next?

On Tuesday, Toronto will train Tuesday on Monday before the next road race against Orlando Magic.


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