Saturday , July 24 2021

Prince William, princess Diane, said he did not want to be king – Harry jumped on this opportunity Royal | News

Mr Paxman told The Sun that Princess Wales told this to himself in 1996, about a year before his death. He said that he had a relationship with the king while he talked about their children and told him the story. Mr Paxman said: "We talked about our children and she said that William often said that she did not really want to be a king, and then Harry said:" If you do not want a job, I will have it! "

The former news header lied with Diano at Kensington Palace when he told him a surprising story.

He said: "About a year before she died, the secretary called me and asked me for lunch.

"I have no idea why. She was stunningly glamorous as you can imagine.

"I thought she was really lonely."

The University Challenge lecturer said that the palace felt like a "jail" because it is so quiet on the lively street of Kensington High Street.

Princess said: "What a strange place is this.

"So quiet, but there is the Kensington High Street wave. It's kind of like a prison. "

Diana had a different comparison.

"There are no prisons, Jeremy. More than the above-average Coronation Street.

"When we go out, you will see that all the curtains twitch.

"Who would want to be king?"

Mr Paxman added that he believed that Charles had given up popularity when he separated himself from Diana.

He was joking: "Charles was looking for crackers in a dirty ashtray."

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