Police Thunder Bay charges his husband with a second-degree murder in the execution of Braiden Jacob


On Friday, the Thunder Bay Police Department said a man was arrested and charged with the death of 17-year-old Braiden Jacob.

The police said that a 22-year-old suspect was arrested shortly after 5 hours. on Friday, and is facing an allegation of second-degree murder. He is scheduled to appear in court on Saturday.

The Jakob body was found on December 9, shortly after 11.30 am, near the southern part of the Chapples Parks in Thunder Bay.

The autopsy took place on Thursday in Toronto, which identified the body as Jakob from the Webequie website and was reported to Thunder Bay Police on December 6th.

Acting Deputy Chief of Staff Don Lewis, who said the police in Thunder Bay, showed on Friday that the results of the murder were carried out.

"There were … some traumas," said Lewis. "Unfortunately, I can not recognize the specifics, because it is now an important piece of evidence that is part of the investigation."

Lewis said that the police are now conducting interviews and investigating evidence and information and investigating locations both inside and outside Thunder Bay.

"It's not anywhere without direction, or still an inquiry," he said. "It's very smooth and in progress."

Jacob's death believed that the eighth murder in 2018 in Thunder Bay was due to increased surveillance of city police following a report that was highly critical of TBPS's inadequacy in investigating the deaths of nine autochthonous inhabitants.


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