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Picard's "Cast Reveal More Show" and details of the characters –


On their panel, San Diego Comic-Con, actors Star Trek: Picard he performed a mini-media tour on the SDCC, worked videos with Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, TVLine and IGN. We rounded up the highlights of what they had to disclose about the new show.

Picard's home is in space, but not Starfleet (except for returning)

All the materials that were published prior to the submission of the SDCC showed the future of Jean-Luc Picard at home in his family vineyard, but contrary to what you believe in the "First Duty" exhibition, Sir Patrick Stewart explained that Picard is ready for path (via IGN):

In the trailer, he says he tried to create his home in a vineyard, in the Chateau Picard basement, but he never thought he was home. His home is somewhere else … space.

Stewart explained TVLine about this:

His dissatisfaction and unsettled nature has been present since the moment the camera has overturned, and I hope that it will be clear to the audience that it's not all about it. Despite the fact that we live in a beautiful place and do a good job and create a wonderful wine and work with two wonderful Romulans, this is not enough.

In a conversation with ET, Sir Patrick gave insights into Picard history:

Retirement is not what he was looking for, not what he wanted. This was the impulsive act he put into this situation, and he regretted it and lived with a certain amount of guilt over many years. That's where we'll take the show.

And although Picard wanted to return to space, he made it clear that this was not a return to the Starfleet (with the exception):

I strongly emphasized that I did not even want to be in uniform, and I spoke very strongly about this. I just seemed a little stupid when I insisted I would be at the end of the next week's work in a uniform. That was my idea! It's a flash, and I said it's in the uniform to have the right context.

Picard is ready to leave the vineyard

Darker than LPG, which reflects the time that has elapsed

Patrick Stewart also opposed Picard's distinction Star Trek: The Next Generation (via IGN):

The story has become more complex, darker and diverse than it was in days The next generation. The world has changed. And you know what? The world has changed and is now changing in terrible ways. And this is one of the things that this new series touches. I do not want to imagine that this is now a political broadcast, but it always had in mind this element of modern society, and that is what we do in this new show.

Although Picard is set up by TNG, do not call it a sequel (via TVLine):

I do not see it as a sequel[[[[Star Trek: The Next Generation], this word does not echo me. I see it as part of the growth of the entire franchise. In the future, we did not just set it up, but we carefully set it 18-20 years, in fact in the future, because of all of us who were here before … we were aging in the same way as the old one. So we bring all this process and incidents and events and accidents in the last 18-20 years. So it's not a fight for design.

The "varied" crew of "exiles"

San Diego Comic-Con has presented a new show for Picard. But Stewart was clear that his new crew was not like his old crew:

(via IGN): It's just a crew in a way. You must not think this is a crew such as Enterprise. We're not a Starfleet. In a sense, we are renegades. We work independently …[Chris Rios] Captain.

(via ET): On Monday [yesterday] we shoot a scene in which Riker [Jonathan Frakes] He said, "So your new crew, what are they?" And I describe them as "varied."

The band members also had the opportunity to give some short descriptions of their characters, starting with Santiago Cabrero on Cristobal "Chris" Rios:

(via IGN): It is very correct to say that the group is unadjusted. We have a lot of demons, each in its own way.

(via EW): I play the pilot. Ex-Starfleet. Something happened in my past, which I did not want to help [Picard] when I get to know him.

Michelle Hurd on musician Raffi

(via EW): In the past, I was actually part of the unrelated past of Picard, is that sensible? [Stewart interjects: “We know each other, but it was a purely working relationship.”]

(via ET): My character is a bit tricky. There are some problems. It's part – in an unrelated way – Picard's past.

Isa Briones at Dahu:

(via EW): I play Dahj. She is a young woman who lived her life like any normal young woman, then suddenly a big event happens suddenly in her life and she turns all over her head and she seeks answers from Picard.

Alison Pill about dr. Agnes Jurati:

(via EW): I play a researcher and I know some people here. We have different relationships and get together in some antiquities.

Evan Evagor at Elnor:

(via EW): I play a young long-standing Romulan, who is very loyal to Jean-Luc and a specialist in the fight against hand in hand.

Harry Treadaway on Narek:

(via EW): I also play Romulanca, which has things related to people in this room.

Cristobal "Chris" Rios (Santiago Cabrera) and his crew in Picard

Sacrifice of data is "central" for "Picard" … it returns to "other ways"

One of the great surprises in Ljubljana Picard the trailer from the SDCC was the emergence of Brent Spiner's Data, which was finally seen sacrificed at the end of the year Star Trek Nemesis. Patrick Stewart talked with IGN about how it affected Picard and was embedded in the show:

Jean-Luc carries a lot of guilt about how Data has died, and has sacrificed himself to the captain. This was a sudden and urgent quick decision, but this has been severely affected since 1999 by Picard. And this becomes one of the main motivators of what Jean-Luc is doing in this new series.

In a conversation for TVLine, Brent Spiner explained his two performances in the trailer, both in the disassembled form and at the end:

In this drawer [as seen in the trailer] I think B-4 … The data is in the show … He's not in every episode. Make some appearances. But he's in the show in other ways.

According to Spiner, this is B-4 Picard

And when he spoke with IGN, Spiner offered a little more guidance on the part of the data Picard:

I would say no [to Data’s evolution continuing]. I do not think this show is developing … Data has died. He is in the show, but I do not want to tell you that every episode or many episodes are. But he's in the show. What you think is what happens is not what happens.

Brent Spiner as data in Picard

Hugh is the leader of the free Borg

Another surprise for the SDCC was Jonathan Del Arco, who played Hugh, Borga, whom Picard and the Enterprise-D crew released from the collective. While he did not appear in the pilot, there was a Borg cube. In interviews with the media, Del Arco confirmed that Hugh's story appeared where it stopped in the episode of TNG's "Descent, Part 2", which led the group of liberated borges Borg:

(via TVLine): I can confirm that I am still a part of Borg and that I have developed a human version since the last tour [Picard]where we were stuck on the planet and Lore was killed … when they left the planet and I say "what we will do now, we have no leaders" and Picard says: "I do not think that's true." The significance of this is that I conclude with this colony of Borg and all I can say is that it has continued to evolve into its management capabilities.

(via IGN): It's still Borg – del Borg – and it will always be. I think that if you want to describe an individual as someone who is free to think, then yes, but it is still an unusual collective thinking. He is so concerned about people around him who have become a major part of his life. [Stewart interjects “including Borg”] Yes, including Borg, yes, without too much. I think it has evolved as a human being.

Jonathan Del Arco, last seen as Hugh in LPG: "Descent, Part 2"

Expect more return characters, not a reunion with Enterprise

Unfortunately, Jeri Ryan, who appeared on the panel, did not attend interinstitutional interviews, but returned as seven Star Trek: Voyager. It is also confirmed that it appears on Picard the stars are TNG Jonathan Frakes (Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Troi). However, Patrick Stewart, also with all the returned LPG stars, made it clear when he spoke to TVLine Picard they will not become and events:

I did not want to process it again The next generation. There were several hours of discussion about who [to bring back from TNG] and for how long and what role should be. I know that our love group would like to see the Enterprise crew back all the time, but no, this will never happen. However, there are meetings, some of which are shot, some of which are only in the planning stage. We hope that we will have more than one season and that there will be other opportunities. Except for the main actor The next generationThere are other signs that we encountered at other times that could recur.

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