Our Tesla Model Y Overview: CleanTechnica goes for a Tesla Y.


March 24, 2019 jo Kyle Field

Tesla Model Y was introduced last week at an event at Hawthorne, California, at Tesla Design Studio. The event was perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the year, as it is expected that an electrically compact commercial vehicle will sell more than all three of Tesla's current vehicles and will become one of the best-selling passenger cars in the world.

CleanTechnica was at hand at the event and was able to get into Model Y for one of the in-car journeys. With two of us, who owned the Tesla Model 3, we also had a good natural ability to compare Y s 3.


The first thing I noticed when entering the back of the vehicle was that the seats were slightly higher than in the model 3. The construction of the fabric and the base was the same as for the model 3, which makes sense, since the Y model uses the same seats as model 3. The current higher has already made such a low dash of the model 3, which is also transmitted to the Y model, feels even lower and opens the visibility to the front of the vehicle even more than in the vehicle. 3.

Looking back to the third row of seats, we found tiny swing seats that were very similar to what you see on flight crew planes. Two small seats appeared on the floor of the back, with little space for the legs. This is probably something that Tesla is still ok, because it's hard to imagine that anyone would sit there for a while and feel comfortable. I do not expect to be comfortable for my 6 "2" frame, but I expect my 7 and 9-year-old sons to sit comfortably in the third row.

Looking at the front seats, the 15-inch touch screen, which first appeared in the model 3, is a familiar face, as is the majority of the front landscape. The central console moves in front to the low dashboard, the steering wheel has the same known buttons. Expect that Tesla will present the options of the standard interior, which it recently introduced into model 3, into the Y model, when it comes time for the first standard Standard cars that they will buy.

All glass

When I looked up, I was called a full glass that covered the cabin. This surprised me because it was night-time and there was not much to see, but it did the same. Model Y deviates from model 3 with its roof design and instead opts for one glass panel from the rear of the windscreen to the last hatchback.

The change results in a wide open feel inside the cab, which you do not actually get in the 3rd model. The model 3 has one glass pan over the driver and front passenger, with another large plate that descends just before you. back passengers back to the car. I prefer the Y and Hatchback feel, since it's much more functional.


Nobody outside Tesla's inner circle of personnel has yet to drive the Y model (the same as when the model 3 was first shown on March 31, 2016), but a Tesla crew member in charge of our car drove us to us. on the standard route from Design Studio to the street for fast rotation. The acceleration straight was impressive, but not funny. The driver actually confirmed that we are not in the Y model. Nevertheless, he retained a healthy buckle that returned the driver and four passengers to our seats. Good luck finding a faster transition.

After a quick round, we are spinning back with a little dodge and weaving down the street to show spritely handling the car. With full load it was not exactly narrow slalom, but the car was beautifully dealing with a minimum roll, despite the full load.

In general, the model Y was essentially the same as the model 3, with added height, which does not significantly affect the driving characteristics of the car. This is an impressive feat for a car that packed 66 cubic meters of storage space!

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