Oculus randomly hid horrible messages in thousands of VR controllers


With every new technology that touches the market, it's hard to ask: What kind of unpredictable ways this will endanger my privacy? It turned out that this is also something that many people think about who are making the latest equipment. On Thursday, the co-founder of Oculus Nate Mitchell briefed the public via Twitter that the tens of thousands of Oculus Touch's watchmakers delivered scary messages about privacy-related Easter eggs hidden on their internal hardware.

Open one of these controls and in the device's gut you will find a message like the "Mason's were here" written on the cable. Other devices are clearly supplied with "Big Brother Is Watching", but according to Mitchell, only the development kits have a joke in them.

Mitchell's statement goes on to apologize that these Easter eggs slip past the prototype stage and into production, they call them "unsuitable" and say that their internal processes have been changed to prevent it from happening again.

According to the report from. T Business Insider, the affected touch controls are designed for future Rift S and Oculus Quest headphones and are not yet available. There are no plans to recall controllers.

The messages are a bit sad, uncomfortable squirrel of humor in a company owned by Facebook, given how strong it is – and the offender – Facebook was in the domain of online privacy. It is part of a real world, which is a very common practice (many creative industries from cars to video games, full of hidden Easter eggs) and give it an unpleasant layer. Of course, maybe it's all in good fun, but it can just be funny if a joking company really took privacy.


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