Sunday , August 1 2021

Nominated for Grammy 2019: Who should have your radar

TGrammy, one of the greatest nights in music, is finally upon us. We know that you are at the edge of your seat with enthusiasm, you can hardly hold back when you wait to find out who are the big winners of the evening. There is only one small problem: this year's list of candidates is full of names you have not seen before. The peak "And the winner is …" can be quite astounding if you still do not know who the winner is until the end of the strike.

But do not worry, you will not get it it star. In what can only be presumed to be an attempt to diverge the line after only one woman last year won the main prize, the Recording Academy in 2019 is in the fewer known candidates for curveball for top awards. all of them are not yet, these artists filled 15 nominations, which means that the industry heard them loud and clear. Watch out for it's time to move on to the next big things. Here's your cheating for newcomers who could take the biggest prize tonight.

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