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NFL: NZME residents of the NFL tragic break the division

This is the time for the ending! The NFL field slowly decreases as we approach the Super Bowl.

Only 8 teams remain in the hunt this week Messengeris Christopher Reive and. t Radio SportAlex Chapman, Nigel Yalden and Marc Peard share their thoughts on which four teams will stand by the division.

If you missed last week, check out how we went there, otherwise dive below.

Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City – Sunday 10.35

Will Patrick Mahomes continue his impressive season against Colts? Photos / Getty Images
Will Patrick Mahomes continue his impressive season against Colts? Photos / Getty Images


As for the big defensive players, Colts do not have much to write home. From the seventh week, they allowed at least points in the NFL. This strict defense will really be crucial for Indy if they match what is, honestly speaking, one of the devil's parties. Patrick Mahomes was incredible this year. The player, named Steph Curry of the NFL, slowly revolutionized the position of the feeder with ridiculous passes and rides this season. This led to a season-high 565 points.

Prediction: The perpetrators will cross.

CR: It is safe to say that in this game you will get a lot of work and safe barriers on both sides. Patrick Mahomes and his colleague Colts Andrew Luck are among the top five passers-by; you can expect the ball to spend a lot of time in the air. Happiness will have to be smart in its game, even though the boss's defense was best placed in the league when it came to the player. Colts running back Marlon Mack could make a difference in this. Chiefs fought sometimes against the opponent's soil this year, and Mack stands out with a 148-game performance in the Wildcard Weekend game.

Prediction: Colts excited bosses in high scores. Marlon Mack reaches several touchdowns.

MP: This is the first seed in AFC (Chiefs) against the hottest team in AFC (Colts). In the post-season, no sponsored couple broke down any more touchdowns than these two pistols. So, we're riding hot Andrew Luck and his superiors? No. We support MTV's hope of Patrick Mahomes in a debut debut in front of an exciting home crowd at Arrowhead Stadium.

Prediction: Chiefs to 7.

NY: I like how Colts deals with his work in the second half of the season and as far as I always wanted to watch the teams that Andy Reid had trained, I have questions about trust with Reid coach when it comes to finishing, so I'm going with Coltsa, especially with their defense to upset

Prediction: Colts won at the last second game field, Adam Vinatieri.

Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles – Sunday 14.15

Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott, the two NFL premiers that run their backs, are going out this weekend. Photos / Getty Images
Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott, the two NFL premiers that run their backs, are going out this weekend. Photos / Getty Images


Five weeks ago this duel would probably be a pie walk for LA. But somehow, since he lost bosses, they were very average, 3-2. On paper, however, we would say that a good Rams winner should be. However, Cowboysi Ezekiel Elliott, who Dallas should use to exploit the defense, which allows for more than five meters on the carriage. The key will be how Gurley will turn back from knee injury. Its workload (1,831 meters) and achievement at the reach (21!) Will be the difference for hosts.

Prediction: If Gurley fires, Rams wins. If not, it will Rare cowboy dance to be continued.

CR: This will be a great test for Rams defense. In the attack, these two match well: both have won one of the best league matches in the league, some dangerous options on a wide receiver and player, which is difficult to stop when in the zone. Cowboys will go into this as aliens, but their defense is scanty, which only allows 329 yards per match in the regular season. But while the opponents work for the situation on the ground, the defense of rams is one of the best in the collection of tickets. This will be a game of fine edges – it will decide the wrong shot or the fumble.

Prediction: Aries came up with three points; Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliot have scored scores.

MP: Nothing is more nervous than the fall of the late season, and the rams are quite far behind in the long run – I'm sure that I could run for a hundred yards in defense of Rams. It was said that they had a long time to find it difficult to look at what's going wrong, and while I expect improved efficiency, it will not be enough to stop the always impressive Cowboys attack.

Prediction: Give me & # 39; Dem Boys & # 39; s 3.

NY: Both robust and effective, such as the Cowboys in overcoming the Seahawks, will not benefit from the criminal negligent gambling from their opposition, as did the previous weekend. This should be a close, fun meeting between equally matching teams; The difference will be in coaching / play-call and with coach Sean McVay, who leads this field of play, Rames takes precedence over cowboys.

Prediction: Aries win when Cowboys trainer Jason Garrett sets a new NFL record for strikes per minute in the playoffs.

New England Patriots – Los Angeles Chargers @ New England – Monday 7.05

Joey Bosa leads the defense of Chargers to fight New England Patriots. Photos / Getty Images
Joey Bosa leads the defense of Chargers to fight New England Patriots. Photos / Getty Images


Uh, now the war starts between the head and the heart. Certainly this has saved this number, though it is right? Right ?! Chargers feeder Philip Rivers is 0-4 in Foxborough and 0-7 against Pats when Tom Brady starts. However, this season, when the number really matters, LA went 7-1 on the road, including last week against Ravens. Although this route is round, Pats did not win home this season. I really want to find a way not to take New England. Real. They were so average and so dissatisfied, but Brady tends to sow. The difference in this game will be a trip. How Chargers deal with Julian Edelman and be honest, broken Rob Gronkowski.

Prediction: I hate it, but I will go to Pats to come from behind and win with 3. Do I get this or the capitals and from my colleagues I receive borderline texts.

CR: The Patriots are the annual benefactors who are part of the weakest league league – the New York Jets have not reached the endings since 2010, while Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills have reached the endings in the last decade. But while they were not convincing in most of the season, do not count them. Tom Brady knows how to win. That said, I think the chargers will have too much firepower for Pats and be on the go will not be enough to stop them.

Prediction: Chargers win with six or more points. Tom Brady is fired at least twice.

MP: Does the AFC road always seem to pass through New England? Image This – Patriots had 9 years in a row with the first round … or is it not so funny in sports that behaves in the same competitive conditions with drafts and crafts. I like the charger this season; I like it a lot. It has a well-regulated defense with a lot of threats and a reliable attack that has found a good shape at the right time of the year.

Prediction: Give me chargers up to 1.

NY: I will use your time with a long-term diagnosis of this game. I do not like Patriot; never, never, and I hope the Chargers will completely crush them!

Prediction: My disadvantage to the Patriots will not change through this game.

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans – Monday 10.40am

The saints who are running back Alvin Kamara proved difficult. Photos / Getty Images
The saints who are running back Alvin Kamara proved difficult. Photos / Getty Images


Really Philly?! Really? Are you still here, stinking to the end ?! Saints are justified by such a popular Super Bowl as Drew Brees for MVP. They can also boast a fast defensive number two and play in the dome. Should it be simple? But the Eagles are still in this, mainly because of the subordinate Nick Foles, who is just a freak and a winner of nine out of 10 starts.

Prediction: Saints are supposed to win comfortably, but let's be honest, Nick Foles will most likely try again Eagles – New Orleans home in tight.

CR: First of all, let me be disappointed that Chicago Bears is not in this game. What seemed to be an unsuccessful showdown between one of the leading defense leagues and the leading criminal, is now only a question of how many saints are winning. Credit credit was – it was a devil eagles game to get fingers on the goal Chicago tried to reach with the game, but the saints in this case will be too good for them.

Prediction: Saints win 10 or more. Alvin Kamara reaches the first touch; Drew Brees throws for 250+ yards.

MP: Eagles do not go forward; This week you will not solve the late missed goal. The Saints, for MVP's favorite Drew Brees, will have a great result this week at home. Saints are well-rested and decisive teams who know that the clock responds to Drew Brees and his ability to win another Super Bowl. This is a season in which they will at least make a big dance.

Prediction: Saints won 13.

NY: There are some interconference matches that require teams from the same conference to meet in the last race and / or series of the NBA / NFL / MLB / NHL season, and this is one of them. These two teams agree really, very well and suspect that it will take more than one hour of regulation for the decision. I still think that the saints are the team that beat this season, and as such they support them to do the job.

Prediction: Two big plays at the final moments of Drew Brees get home from saints.


Christopher Reive (3/4)

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Alex Chapman (2/4)

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Marc Peard (2/4)

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Nigel Yalden (1/4)

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