New Super Mario Bros.



This re-edition of the value-based platform has slightly lost its brilliance.

Author Tristan Ogilvie

Instead of putting the world under the light as a fireworks on the kingdom of mushrooms, Nintendo's unsuccessful Wii In the console, it finally went into the smoke of a cloud of mushrooms. Nevertheless, he tried to at least raise his right foot from the beginning of 2012 with a high-quality 2D Mario game, the New Super Mario Bros. In what we thought then:

"Although [New Super Mario Bros. U] it's not necessary to redefine the icon of the Nintendo hero, but it still catches the sense of carefree adventure that many of us felt like children. More importantly, the game contains a large amount of challenges, both in the historical mode and outside it. This game was clearly designed by a team that believes that the Super Mario World has so much sympathy as the one we grew up with. If it was not about the weak graphics and sound of the game and the return of an irritating chaotic mode for multiple players, this game could compete with some of the better 2D Nintendo achievements. «

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Like the other Wii In releases like Mario Kart 8, Nintendo has joined the new Super Mario Bros. with your DLC, used some playing tweaks, and put it back in the Nintendo Switch in the form of a New Super Mario Bros. In Deluxe. While this new (new) game still maintains a healthy amount of its magic maria, it now finds itself on a console that is flooded with high-end platforms, making it feel a bit less essential than seven years ago.


[Toadette] is not burdened with the slippery persistence of Mary and Luigi.

Players playing Mario, Luigi and Yellow Toad join Toadette and Nabbit (previously only played in New Super Luigi U) in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, and the last two shook over more than a simple cosmetic change. Toadette is actually the embodiment of a "simple way". She is not burdened with the slippery persistence of Maria and Luigi, which allows her to increase the precision of the jumps between the platforms, while in underwater levels it can be directed around in all directions, without repeatedly pressing the button to stay on the surface. In addition, all the hidden 1-UP blocks become 3-UPs when they are detected by Toadette, and during my journey through the story-telling method that uses exclusively Toadette, I reached a 99-day limit before I reached the ultimate last battle of the battle.

The strongest ability Toadette activates the new Super Crown pickup, which changes it, somewhat bizarrely, into the Peachette box. Peachette handles as a more maneuverable version of the existing Flying Squirrel capability, and allows you to shake the controller or tap the button in the air to trigger it upwards. Not only does this give you the ability to make the last leap to security when you decisively slip into the hole, but it also means that you can access many secret areas much easier than you can with other gaming characters. In some cases, more sophisticated use of hidden blocks or vines can be skipped with one Peachette drop, and more difficult to reach. Star coins can be easier to fit – which is convenient when trying to remove them – get 100% complete.


Toadette is a fun sign of control and complete feasibility for single player use.

Although Toadette is a fun control mark and is completely usable for single-player use, Nabbit's migration from the New Super Luigi U to the main game is less useful. This bunny, which is a sack bag, seems ideal for younger or otherwise inexperienced players, as it is invincible for enemies and missiles, making the transition of most levels relatively free of obstacles. Since I have a five-year-old daughter who works as the youngest member of my household multi-player quartet, I was personally involved in Nabbit's main game, at least in theory.

However, in practice, its inability to use pickups such as Fire Flowers or Super Acorn gives significantly less agencies than other characters, and because it is still susceptible to falling holes, it is neither particularly exciting nor completely infallible, making it less than perfect possibility for young people, as it might have been.


[New Super Luigi U] Successfully scratching the on-the-go jerk that Super Mario Run is on mobile phones.

The new Super Luigi included The extension offers an alternative way of story that remakes the levels from the main game, the dash Mario from the gaming roster and penetrates Luigi with a more lunar leap and a smoother shoe. When each level is shorter and set to 100 seconds, the New Super Luigi U mode is perfectly suited for fast, mobile outbursts with a switch in manual mode. The strict nature of the shortened clock puts you in a bumpy state of continuous movement ahead, which allows you to scratch the on-the-go itching that Super Mario Run made on mobile phones a few years ago (minus the ongoing need for an Internet connection).

But despite the new characters, incorporating the New Super Luigi U and returning various extra challenging modes that create a robust 2D platform platform with a significant replay value, the New Super Mario Bros. a multitude of their peers platforming on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Rayman Legends is more fun with friends, Celeste and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze offer a sharper challenge, and Super Mario Odyssey is a much more surprising and ingenious Mario game. If you miss the original Wii U, then it's still worth a look at the New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, but ultimately does not bring enough add-ons or improvements to lift it above the packaging and make it indispensable. players. (If you are one of those returning and multiplayer players, it's worth noting that the Boost Mode functionality is missing from the original touch screen due to differences in hardware settings between the Wii U and Switch.)


New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is a widely accessible and rich platform game. Toadette is a welcome addition to the list of those who have chosen to deal with more demanding levels, and the inclusion of the new Super Luigi U mode significantly extends its lifetime. Although there are many other Nintendo Switch games in the genre that go beyond the New Super Mario Bros. In Deluxe in various ways, however, it remains a very pleasant platforming package as a whole.


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