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NASA TV to launch the Air Next International Space Station


FINANCIAL – The third space travelers, including two astronauts on their first flight, are expected to start the International Space Station on Monday, December 3, for six and a half months. Online protection will be published on NASA Television and on the agency's website.

At Cosmodrome Baikonur in Kazakhstan, Anne McClain of NASA, David Saint-Jacquesof the Canadian Space Agency and Oleg Kononenkoof Roscosmos are preparing for an aircraft on a spacecraft Soyuz MS-11 on December 3 at 6:31 pm EST Kazakhstan time).

After a six-hour journey with four orbits of the Earth, the Soyuz crew will lead to the Station Search module at 12.35. to begin their mission in the orbital laboratory. This will be the first flight to McClain and Saint-Jacques and the fourth to Kononenko.

Less than two hours after the port will open the gutter between Soyuz and the station, the current crew, the 57th crew of the expedition 57 Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency, NASA aviation engineer Serena Auñón-Chancellor and the Roscosmos Flight Engineer Sergei Prokopov will be welcomed in June.

Kononenko, McClain and Saint-Jacques will officially become the Expedition 58 team when Gerst, Aunon-Chancellor and Prokopyev will leave the station on December 20.

The crew members will continue to work on hundreds of experiments in the field of biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science at the international space station, a unique permanent occupation laboratory for micro-science of humanity.

NASA and the Canadian Space Agency worked closely with Russian space officials and Roscosmos's station software programmers to make progress in their crew plans by completing a series of reviews, including a flight readiness check in the station program.

Station program officials will continue to follow the usual Roscosmos diversion procedure to ensure crew safety during the next launch. McClain and Saint-Jacques also expressed confidence in the reliability of the Soyuz rocket and the partner's efforts to launch a successful launch.

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