Muslim parents prevent rumors about vaccines against measles and measles


GUWAHATI: After initial incapacity, the parents of Muslims now allow their children to crash against the fatal virus of rubella and measles.
The influence of vaccination against measles and measles virus has stopped in several districts of the Muslim majority due to yellow and misinformation that the use of such vaccines is infertility and impotence.

Dr. Ilias Ali, a renowned surgeon working in Dispur to tackle concerns about vaccines among Muslim parents, told The Sentinel on Monday that effective campaigns to raise awareness and involve religious leaders in the parents' sensitization have yielded positive results. He said that many Muslim parents now come with their children to take part in driving with vaccination.

By the end of the month, only 26 lakh babies were earmarked for vaccination with regard to the goal of the state government to administer vaccines among 1.1 crore children. The main reason for such low-vaccination coverage was the voice and wrong campaign in areas dominated by Muslims. However, with a fresh impetus among Muslim parents, the probability that the vaccination will cover more than 50 children's children by the end of November will be. The current trend is expected to cover 70 children per child by the end of December.

Dr Ali said that measles are life-threatening diseases that spread through the virus. While adults who are infected with rubella, especially women in early pregnancy, can lead to a congenital rudecone syndrome, which can be very harmful to the fetus and newborn. Rubella is an infectious but still mild viral disease that affects children and adults, which can lead to death and disability in the newborn if an unprotected pregnant woman becomes infected with the rubella virus in early pregnancy. Nearly 49,000 children die each year in India due to measles and rubella.


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