Most of the scientific findings made in 2018


Drinking the surplus can have dangerous consequences.

The authors of a larger study, published in Lancet, found that more people drink more people around the world, more likely to develop cancer and more likely to die.

The research caused stirring, as the authors suggested that alcohol was not safe. Journalists around the world quickly picked up this title and ran with him.

However, there is some evidence that a moderate amount of beverage (eg, one drink per day) can help protect against certain health conditions, especially heart disease and diabetes. The lead author of the Lancet study, Max Griswold of the University of Washington, said it does not matter because "combined health risks" associated with alcohol increase "with any amount of alcohol".

Others are not so sure.

"Just because some unhealthy in large quantities does not mean that we have to endure completely," according to a published study, Professor Aaron Carroll of the Indiana University Medical School wrote in The New York Times.

It is also important to know that the finding of Griswold was not based on completely new research. Instead, his group examined nearly 600 preliminary studies of alcohol for methanolysis. Meta-analyzes can make it difficult to control accuracy, as different researchers perform studies in a drastically different way.

In addition, other immeasurable factors could also take account of an increase in deaths and health problems in beer. People who drink alcohol can be stressed, smoked, or have other basic health issues or genetic differences that would make them more likely to develop diseases.

"Life could survive when we talked about where the line is for many people," Carroll wrote. "The truth is, we do not know."


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