Milner forgives: "If not, it's 1-1 and we get a repetition"


Date of publication: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 9:32

James Milner admitted he left Liverpool in a defeat at Wolves and claimed that the Reds had fallen short of expectations after losing their unbeaten record to the Premier League and dumped from the FA Cup.

The Reds suffered a second defeat than they did lost 2: 1 on the Wolves in Monday's cupThe result, which took place after an undefeated competition this year, was ended last week with the title of rival Manchester City. Disappointed Xherdan Shaqiri Wolves have labeled "unfair".

As some doomsayers show that the bikes came to the side of J├╝rgen Klopp, Liverpool went to Brighton for four more points at the top on Saturday.

But Milner knows that Liverpool has to improve after recent disappointments and knows the importance of the match.

"Back-to-back defeats are not really good enough for us, but you have blips in the season," said the 33-year-old.

"This is not something we want, especially in Liverpool, we know what is expected. We need to make sure we get back and see where we can improve. "

Therefore, Milner suggested that Saturday's match in Brighton be the highest ever.

"It's not about blips, but about what's expected, but about how you respond and go back. You have seen a character in the team in the last few years and the players we have to know that we will bounce back, "he added.

"It's easier to say, but we have to do it at the end of the week."

Milner's error, when he lost possession of Diot Jota, allowed Raul Jimenez to open the scoring and the former English midfielder took the blame.

He said, "I should work better. The night was a bit tricky and lively all night. The same applies to both teams. My first mistake was my mistake and it cost us, if not, it's 1-1 and we get a repetition.

"His boyfriend was a pretty good conclusion, but he did not have much chance. We are not even, but this is what the team's separator is, my fault and a very good conclusion for the second goal. "


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