Thursday , August 5 2021

Microsoft issues a new preview of Windows 10 with improvements to gaming and free rain

Microsoft yesterday released a new Windows 10 game preview with game improvements. The update blinks Windows 10 from the 18329 construction (available to testers on February 1) for the construction of 18334. These builds are from the 19H1 branch, which represents the update of Windows 10, which will arrive in the first half of this year.

Windows 10 is developing as a service, which means that it regularly receives new features. Up to now, Microsoft has released six major updates: update in November, anniversary update, creator updates, autumn autumn update, update in April 2018 and update in October 2018.

The seventh update will bring in custom gaming technology. Microsoft asks Windows Insiders to help "check the performance of these systems as expected" by playing the State of Decay game. The company offers it for free ("limited time" only).

First you will need the Xbox Live Gamertag game (create an Xbox account if you do not have one). Then install the Xbox Insider Hub, log in with your Gamertag, select Inside content in the upper left, click Status, and press Join. If you are not redirected, click the Show in store button to start the Store app, install the test decompression game and run it. Before you can play, you need to install DirectX for testing purposes. If you find any problems with the installation, game launch, or actual gaming, enter the error in the Feedback Hub to the Microsoft Store category and include WindowsGamingFeedback into the address.

Bug fixes and known problems

This 19H1 construction includes the following general error corrections and improvements:

  • The new security protection feature in Windows Security protects your device by preventing bad players from breaking into the most important security settings. The setting is designed to be turned on by default, but the default state is not currently applied to the current preview build. A new recommendation may be displayed in Windows Security that suggests turning this setting on.
  • You have fixed a problem that makes the recent increase in icons in the taskbar empty.
  • You have fixed a problem in which the color and cursor settings would not be updated.
  • You have fixed a problem in which the text prediction settings with the hardware keyboard will not be upgraded.
  • You have fixed the problem that caused the crash settings when you go to color filters.
  • You have fixed a problem that has recently under certain circumstances crashed the login settings.
  • You have solved the problem if changing the Hey Cortan switch state in the settings would not hold.
  • You have fixed the problem in which the Cortana Settings section was visible in regions where Cortana was not supported.
  • You have fixed a problem in which the icons and text in the new header Settings are outstanding for certain window sizes.
  • You have fixed a problem that has caused an unexpected blank space in the navigation pane in the privacy settings.
  • You have solved the problem that caused David to speak when previewing voices in the Settings> Time & Language> Speech menu, regardless of which voice was selected.
  • You have fixed a problem that caused unexpected double spaces when you listed Active Clock under Windows Update settings.
  • When you set the search focus in the search box, the highlighted color will now be highlighted.
  • You have fixed a problem when the search field on the taskbar was no longer dark if the dark mode was enabled.
  • You've fixed a problem in which the recent search activity would use a white icon in a bright subject, even if a dark icon was available.
  • You have fixed an issue that could cause the Start menu to reset to the default restart settings for some users.
  • You have fixed a problem that does not allow Shutdown and Restart in the startup menu to appear in a remote desktop session.
  • You have fixed a problem in which the opening of Cortana would cause the File Explorer window that is open to appear on the taskbar.
  • Fixed a problem that caused unexpected errors "The item you selected is not available" when interacting with jump list items.
  • You've fixed a problem in which explorer.exe would crash if the file was shared and then turned off the sharing.
  • You have fixed a problem where the File Explorer address bar, when the dark theme was enabled, would merge into a black background.
  • You have fixed the problem that caused the file extraction error for the last two years.
  • You have fixed a problem where failure would attempt to set the default file association for a file type that is not explicitly declared as supported by the Win32 application.
  • Fixed a problem with the mouse delay when certain specified XAML dropouts were opened.
  • You have fixed a problem in which unzipping files would cause an error.
  • They fixed a problem in which the files were sorted by date, the files actually downloaded the previous month, say "ahead of time," if it was January, and the files were downloaded in December.
  • They have fixed a problem that causes some apps to not appear on the full screen if the application has started to crochet on the side of the screen. This problem also caused the taskbar in this scenario to appear at the top of the full-screen video, and could cause applications to move slowly outside the screen if you switch between snap and fullscreen several times.
  • A problem was fixed, which has recently been unable to enroll certain languages ​​in UWP applications – among those who were affected were Buginese, Friulian and Gothic.
  • You have fixed a problem affecting the Japanese IME in certain applications, for example in Microsoft teams where, if you tried to complete the converted string by typing, the converted string disappeared.
  • They corrected two questions that affect the possibility of adjusting brightness in recent years.
  • You have fixed an issue that could cause unexpected drawing of notifications to the wrong scale (too large or too small).
  • A problem has been fixed, with the value in the narrator settings "Change the level of detail it tells about text and control" may be empty.
  • You have solved a problem in which Windows Sandbox can run for some users on a black screen.
  • The narrator now announces addresses at all levels of detail.
  • Improved reading of drop-down menus in the Skype desktop client with narrator.
  • Improve the detection of resin changes by increasing the delta height for the capability to read capital letters "Change the way capitalized text reading" to "Increase the step".
  • Improved reading while using commands to move narrator text.
  • It was ensured that the dialog box reader's behavior was more reliable.
  • Make sure the focus is set in the Start menu when you minimize your home narrator.
  • The narrator now announces the value of control of the calendar date selector when the user moves with the Tab or Shift + Tab key.
  • The narrator no longer publishes empty tool descriptions.
  • A phrase that was not selected was removed from the conversation, unless multiple choice is possible.
  • They continue to improve Chrome's reading experience, as well as some interaction with controls, such as combo boxes and expandable buttons.
  • With a promoter more reliable with narrator and Chrome.
  • Solving the problem of changing the navigation mode on the Baum VarioUltra when using the narrator.
  • Small news for updating an application for people in the Skip Ahead: Application Extension Application Weather 4.28.10351.0, which addresses an issue in which the Live Weather Tile does not even work or work at all, but has flagged the wrong location (depending on your configuration).

This building has 11 known issues:

  • Windows Security can display an unknown state for the virus protection and threat protection area, or it can not be refreshed correctly. This can happen after changes to the upgrade, restart, or settings.
  • Starting games that use anti-fraud software can trigger error detection (GSOD).
  • Creative X-Fi sound cards do not work properly.
  • While the functionality of night light is restored and working, there are still problems in this room.
  • After you perform the reset of this computer and choose the option Keep My Files on a device that has a reserved storage option, the user will have to initiate an additional restart so that Reserved Storage will re-run properly.
  • Some Realtek SD card readers do not work properly.
  • Upon the upgrade, they can simultaneously speak two voices of the narrator. Run the machine once again, this issue will disappear.
  • Some of the real-time protection options for Malwarebytes Premium can not be turned on.
  • After changing the password, the MSA user might not be able to log in at the next attempt. Reboot removes the problem.
  • If the magnifier is enabled and configured in a connected mode, the device will crash and restart upon logon to create a startup loop. Disable the connected mode for this flight. For users who upgraded and encountered this restart state, you can try to turn off the magnifier by pressing Win + Esc at check-in, and then change the magnification to the lens or full screen in the zoom settings.
  • If you install any of the recent builds from high speed and switch to a slow ring – optional content, such as enabling developer mode, will not work. To add / install / enable optional content, you need to stay in a fast ring. The reason for this is that the optional content is only installed on the works approved for certain ringtones.

As always, do not install it in your production machine.

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