Mastercard releases its name from the logo, Banking News & Top Stories


NEW YORK – Like Apple's apple or Nike's swoosh, Mastercard turned to a word-of-mouth logo.

The global credit card announced on Monday (January 7th) that it issued its word "Mastercard" from its logo – where it had been for the last 50 years, leaving only two circles crossing in red and yellow . .

Media reports said that this step is taking place when there are more and more digital payments – when the word "card" appears to be obsolete. In contrast to this changing position, Mastercard wants to be a financial and technology company instead of a credit card network. In a press release announcing a change in the logo, Mastercard was called a "digital payroll company".

"As the consumer and commercial landscape continues to evolve, the Mastercard symbol represents a better Mastercard than one word, and a flexible modern design will allow it to operate in a digital landscape," Mastercard said.

But barely the tweet disappeared when some on the Internet started mocking this move, with one unopened netizen who said, "Now it's just a simple Venn diagram," while another said "It looks like a ass".


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