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Mars Satellite Spy Magical rover exploring the hillside of Mars


The satellite, which approached Mars, noticed a lone machine, the curiosity of Rover, who was exploring the harsh terrain of Mars.

The car rover, which has traveled almost 13 miles over the past seven years to Mars, now carefully climbs to the base of Mount Sharpa, a high 3.5 mile high mountain, located in the middle of the vast craternal Gale. Rover was employed to clean up rock samples in an area that planetary scientists thought was once covered with wet clay.

"This is just one of the many stations the rover did in the area called the" clay unit "on Mount Sharp," NASA wrote on Friday.

Curiosity on Mars.

Curiosity on Mars.

Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech

A visible ridge called the Vera Rubin Ridge is visible on the left (or northwestern) rover, while the waves of dark sand are found on the right-hand robot with six wheels.

Rover looks like a glittering spot because the sun shone from curiosity at the right angle when NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter flew overhead.

NASA plans to cut nuclear power plant to Mt. Sharp in the coming years to explore the landscape and improve our understanding of what the desert field was now like was billions of years ago when the Mars Planet was wetter and wiser.

In 2020, a more advanced car rover will join curiosity on the Martian ground. The new rover will cross the Crater Lake, 30 miles wide bowl deep 1640 meters. It probably had some 3.5 billion years ago lake lake.

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