As soon as you thought Logan Paul was coming to find a new demographic with sensory language. So, without further delay, I give you the newest Logan Pavel: the promise "Go Gay" for the whole month of March. The notorious roleplayer on YouTube has announced his podcast two in one, Unscrupulous with co-leader Mike & # 39; Hey Big Mike & # 39; Majlak. The conversation was similar to that.

"Big Mike" informs Paul that he has gone without hesitation sober and vegan. In return, Logan Paul was supposed to keep a joke, taking over the archetypal Vegan impression, but he did not. Instead of pushing a fictitious vegan-fraternal patricia into a new direction, Paul began to break down his 4-month behavioral plan. "January is a sober vegan in January, then February …" he says before escaping to the tangents. At this point, the conversation has a loose image of two boys who express their New Year's Resolutions at BEST.

When the conversation returns to the direction, the "Big Mike" continues its 4-month plan by sticking on the first day of the steak, Tito's big bottles and shovel before "turning the sheets." Then Logan Paul continues: "And then in March – look. … What is it? Only men. So it's just a man. We will try to go gay for only one month, "which excites an excited smile, some grunts, words, but little insight into the exchange."

The whole conversation is a milestone incomprehensible, but not without difficulty. After all, it was the idea that Paul and "Big Mike" "Go Gay" could only fall into the wrong hands. Consensus: Logan Pavel is a complete fool with an incomprehensible agenda. "Content Specialist" can very well overtake "Canceled" and "Wake up" as seemingly positive terms with little or no value.