Lindsay Lohan on Missing U Message, Next Video: "It's Not Easy to Fly From Dubai"


When asked why she did not play "Mean Girls" Ariane Grande, the actress claimed she was too far to fly from UAE

Lindsay Lohan said she did not play in Ariane Grande's "Thank U, Next" video because she lives in Dubai. AP
Lindsay Lohan said she did not play in Ariane Grande's "Thank U, Next" video because she lives in Dubai. AP

Ariana Grande & # 39; s Thank you U, Next the video fell in November. It was a gift to some of the best movies of noughties and introduced cameos from many famous personalities, including Mean Girls in Legal Blonde stars such as Jonathan Bennett and Jennifer Coolidge.

One of the faces was missing: a resident of Dubai, Lindsay Lohan

The Freaky Friday the actress appeared on SiriusXM, Jenny McCarthy, and the radio leader asked Lohan about her absence.

"I probably could not get in touch with me," Lohan said. "I do not know. It's not easy to fly from Dubai.

The video got a seal of approval, as Lohan said: "It's great … I love the video."

For Grande's version, Lohan's character, Cady Heron, played the former singer Pious Elizabeth Gillies.

Star & # 39; Mean Girls & # 39; Dubai made a home

It's not the first time that Lindsay Lohan has publicly spoken about life in the emirate.

"I feel very comfortable in the United Arab Emirates," said the magazine from Dubai Ahlan! last year. "I can – I do not follow or judge. People have a different approach … and I really admire him. Everyone is very welcome. "

She added that the best thing about life in the UAE is not "paparazzi".

Lohan also talked about the purchase of one of the world's islands in Dubai, with plans to transform him into Lindsayland with a new restaurant, luxury cabins and water sports.

Watch it full Thank you U, Next video here:


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