Kit Harrington was "Mr" while recording "Sex of Thrones" sex scene: Rose Leslie


Rose Leslie praised her husband, Kit Harrington, for his gentlemen's behavior during the sexual scene Game of Thrones.

The 32-year-old actress who played wild Ygritte in the hit HBO series fell in love with Harrington on the show and admitted her first intimate scene with Kit's character Jon Snowa in the 3rd season, which was a real career.

"I remember the scene lasted for one day and it was closed, so it was allowed only so many people who were essential to record," said Entertainment Weekly.

"The kit was, as always, sir, and he made me comfortable where he would be placed, and he would always turn around when they called, and the lovely wardrobe diaries would come with a suit, and then he would be covered.

"And only then would you tell us from the director. But he (Kit) was very thoughtful and took care, as far as possible, that I did not feel awkwardly standing before people with your t-s.

The Scottish star added: "There will never be a pleasant day; it will always be embarrassing, but he and the rest of the crew were incredibly considerate and this is the conversation we certainly had about where the borders are. "

Leslie admits that her powerful character also helped her prepare for the scene of sex: "At that time, both lovers finally came together, and Ygritta's promiscuous site wanted to teach Jon Snoww some things," the publication said. . "It was very fun in terms of her behavior and the way she was.

"She (Ygritte) talked a lot, but she finally walked for a walk. I felt very safe and remember that I enjoyed this day only because it was a different element for both characters. And then we had to jump into hot water, so it's always fun. We were fairly open to the elements and because we could jump into the water, it was pretty pleasant. "


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