Saturday , July 24 2021

Kevin Smith issues a public statement on the alleged teenage daughter of Teenage

Kevin Smith, Harley Quinn Smith

Paul Butterfield / Getty Images

Desperate times require desperate measures.

Kevin Smithtook on Twitter to capture the attention of police detectives in Los Angeles after finding out that his 19-year-old daughter Harley Quinn SmithStalker went to his home town. According to the His daughter has already filed a complaint with the authorities "a few weeks ago".

Since then, the alleged stalker had time to travel to the city where Smith and his family live. "Today, Instagram has released a video from a corner that is frighteningly close to the city we live in," Kevin claims. "Spooky stuff. What will we do now?"

The official Twitter account for LAPD then turned him into the line of detectives, but Kevin receivables that he has already contacted the number and that the call has been received by voicemail. "Is there a better, more direct number I can call? I hate to be alarming, but this outside of the city is now blocked from the place where we live," explains Kevin.

It seems that a man threatened Kevin and his family on Instagram, as shown in the pictures shared by a comedian.

In addition, the alleged stalker commented on the latest teenage publication in teen, told her location and waited for her for a certain amount of time. This is in addition to the previous comments on the Instagram Harley Band page, where he wrote things like "High I" and "Xoxoxo".

E! LAPD got the news for a comment, but they said they do not have any information right now.

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