Jeff Bezos is forced to declare a divorce after he learned that the national encryption is being monitored


WASHINGTON – Jeff Bezos, founder of the Amazon, was forced to declare a divorce before the story of his eight-month affair with a former television host, reported on Thursday.

National Enquirer said that the billionaire had been in four years in five countries when he dealt with what Enquirer described as an attempt with Lauren Sanchez.

The magazine claimed that it received a disgraceful exchange of texts between Bezos, 54, and the one-time leader Fox Sanchez, 49, married to Patrick Whitesell, a Hollywood talent agent.

Enquirer said that he contacted Bezos and informed him about his investigation 48 hours before he publicly announced that he would be separating from MacKenzie's wife. The couple have been married for 25 years and have four children. MacKenzie Bezos, a Romance writer, is said to be the richest woman in the world after divorce with divorce.

A lawyer representing Bezos told Enquirer that a "well-known" businessman and his wife "were long separated".

Jeff Bezos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Inc. and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, will arrive at a morning session at the 28th Annual Media and Technology Conference Allen and Co. in Sun Valley, Idaho, on Saturday, July 10, 2010.

Matthew Staver / Bloomberg

Bezos has an estimated net worth of $ 140 billion, and according to divorce laws in the state of Washington, where the family lives, couples share all assets in the middle without an existing agreement.

According to National Enquirer, Bezos used his private aircraft for secret meetings with Sanchez, who led him to exotic excursions, sent his explicit messages and even sexual images of himself.

Connectors included a romantic escape in the same Boston hotel, where the Bezos family stayed away while attending an event at their son's university, the magazine claimed.

The idea is that Bezos has met Sanchez through his man who represents the stars, including Matt Damon, Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, and both pairs are supposed to hang out for a couple of years.

Sanchez and Whitesell are to be separated in autumn, but they did not formally divorce themselves. After one source, Sanchez was hired for work at the Bezos Space Company.

Asked about the divorce on Thursday, President Donald Trump, vocal critic Bezos, told reporters: "This will be beauty".

Bezos was a regular target of the president, partly because of his ownership of Washington Post, which often criticizes the current administration.

David Pecker, the publisher of National Enquirer, is a longtime friend and key ally of the president of the media, and the magazine has had a close relationship with Trump, which led to the 2016 presidential election. Last year it was revealed that US prosecutors in exchange for help in the prosecution of Michael Cohen , a former lawyer from Trump, granted the immunity of US prosecutors to women in the elections in 2016.

Pecker is expected to meet prosecutors and provide details of payments, including details of Trump's transaction knowledge.

Dylan Howard, head of AMI content, also received immunity, says the Wall Street Journal. Howard was one of the authors of Thursday's message about the Bezos.


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