Thursday , August 5 2021

James Harden continues with a hit, Russell Westbrook gets another triple double

HOUSTON – Two exceptional tracks were here extended on Saturday, with James Harden reaching at least 30 points in his 29th consecutive match, and Russell Westbrook scored the triple double in his ninth game.

Westbrook won, although the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the 26-point deficit – the biggest in the franchise history of the OKC to defeat the Houston Missiles 117-112.

Harden had 25 points in the first half and finished with 42 in 11 of the 28 shots. This season was his 21st game for 40 points. no other player has more than seven. Harden is now two 30-point games away from Wilt Chamberlain's joining the second longest 30-point series in the history of the NBA. There are also 36 games away from Chamberlain's binding for the longest such type ever.

Harden saw various Thunder defensive forces with his fellow MVP candidate Paul George (45 points on a 12-to-22 shooting) that took over most of the cargo.

"It was a very good match against Harden," said Rockets coach Mike D & # 39; Antoni. "It was a lot of fun until they beat us."

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Westbrook finished with 21 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists, with a winning spoon and a win in the game. After 30 seconds, he bounced through the double team and ended up indisputably shifting Thunder started.

"Actually, I've seen all the game," said Westbrook, "so we just wait for the right time to use it."

Westbrook has 22 triple doubles this season; for the third campaign, the average triple-double. Two seasons he became the first player since 1962, when Oscar Robertson reached an average of three and a half times.

"No more surprising," the shield Thunder Terrance Ferguson said to Westbrook. "I see him doing this all the time, and the kind of player he has, it's so easy for him. You do not even notice him, but he's there. Everyone's involved, he's a great leader, so I see nine straight triple doubles, what's this a record or something? "

On Thursday Westbrook delivered Michael Jordan and his own brand with eight real triple doubles, the longest since Chamberlain had nine straight in 1968. On Saturday he bound Chamberlain's standard. Westbrook can stand alone with the longest such series in the history of the NBA on Monday at home against the Portland Trail Blazers.

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