It mixes the mixture of rain, snow and strong winds that hit New Scotland


An unresponsive mixture of snow, rain and strong winds draws Nova Scotia with the move towards the rain, which begins in the southwest, leaving unregulated roads and a slippery morning ride.

On the land is expected from 20 to 30 millimeters of rain. In the evening we expect a few inches of drafts.

In Cape Breton we expect up to 15 inches of snow before the passage. The rain will start in the afternoon and in the evening on the island, said CBC meteorologist Tina Simpkin.

It is expected that the gusts will reach 100 km / h in parts of the Cape Breton with strong winds – up to 140 km / h of shocks – from the port of Margarea to the bay St. Lawrence.

In Cape Breton, ice pellets and more snow are expected again in the evening.

Environment Canada has issued warnings of precipitation on the Atlantic coast and wind alerts in Cape Breton.

By 7 am, ice pellets had fallen in Dartmouth, making it difficult to clean snowfall overnight. Rain also began in some parts of the Halifax region, with temperatures slightly above zero.

Slush covered roads have created challenges for drivers.

Most schools throughout the province are closed. There are several delays or cancellations from Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

The transition to ice pellets and rain makes it difficult to clean snow. (Paul Palmeter / CBC)

The bad weather was closed by schools in New Brunswick and P.E.I.


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