It is expected that Alberta will reach -50 ° C with frostbite as extreme cold


Extreme cold continues its icy grip on Alberto.

The cold wind temperature will give the impression that in some parts of the landscape is between -40 ° C and -50 ° C, causing a severe cold warning from environmental Canada.

"Some parts of Alberta should be expected to experience exceptionally cold conditions in the night and in the morning over the weekend and even on Wednesday," says a warning.

"Extreme cold threatens everything."

Albertan is advised to look at the symptoms associated with cold, including:

  • Short breath.
  • Chest pain.
  • Muscle pain and weakness.
  • Fatigue and change in the color of your toes and fingers.

The warning adds that if it's too cold to stay out, it's too cold for pets to stay outdoors.

Nearly all of Alberta remains under the severe cold warnings from Environmental Canada. (Canada Environment)

Here you can expect two of Alberta's major cities (no winds):

  • In Calgary, the forecast for Saturday is low -29 C, Sunday -24 C, Monday -25 C, Tuesday to Saturday -23 C, Wednesday -19 C and Thursday -20 C.
  • In Edmonton forecast predicts drops -29 C on Saturday, -23 C on Sunday, -25 C on Monday, -24 C on Tuesday, -23 C Wednesday and -23 C on Thursday.

The lowest recorded temperature in Calgary on 9 February was in 1939, when mercury dropped to -41.1 ° C, and recorded at that date of the year 1926, when it reached the 14.4 ° C balm.

The record minimum value for that day in Edmonton is -31.9 C, set in 2008 and a record 10.1 C in 2016.


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