Is Steven Avery Guilty? Here is something that is shown


So far, most people have heard about false news. But even if a journalist tries to present all the facts, it is still possible for the story to sound in some way, without even saying anything.

Everyone who watched the Netflix series Create a killer In 2015, she had some kind of an opinion on this. Due to the way the story was told, many people believed that Steven Avery was wrongly convicted … again. Others quickly pointed out that the documentary deliberately dropped key evidence against Avery because they were burdensome.

Did the creator of the series do it deliberately? Maybe. In any case, Steven Avery's innocence is less obvious.

Steven Avery Steven Avery | Creating a killer through YouTube

What happened to Steven Avery?

The story of the ride, at least as presented in the show, was painted by Steven Avery as a victim. He was first unjustly convicted of rape and released only after 18 years in prison. Amazingly upset over the loss of nearly two decades of his life, Avery sued Manitowoc County and former district attorney Dennis Vogel for $ 36 million. The dress was settled for $ 400,000.

Steven Avery was arrested for the murder of local photographer Terese Halbach, who disappeared on October 31, 2005. Her last known meeting was a meeting with Avery in his backyard. There was a circus of confusion and crimes.

Create a killer Stephen Avery Netflix rescue yard through YouTube

Why was Steven Avery arrested for murder?

Documentary film Create a killer he asked the obvious question: was Steven Avery directed to the local police for the lawsuit and his general distrust of him? Did they take their own pill so far that they were attributed to murder? It seems likely, at least from watching the first part of the show. However, there are some key elements that have been left out, which could explain why the jury of his peers ultimately found that Steven Avery was guilty of murder.

What evidence did they do to release the killer?

When people hear that Steven Avery once tortured a cat, they may be a little bit disgusted, but eventually written off as a childish trick. However, serial killers are prone to "practicing" with animals. And it's not as if Avery had just killed a cat – he poured it into petrol, lit a fire, and let him suffer while he was watching. It was not a minor crime … it was terrifying. Avery even admitted that this is a family cat, not a random one.

The animal's rigidity is poor enough. But in addition, Avery spoke of his bad intentions about what he would do after he was released from prison. County Prosecutor Ken Kratz explains it as follows: "While Avery was in prison, he told his entire colleague that he intended to build a" space for torture "in order to rape, torture and kill young women when he was released. He even painted the drawing. His other cellular mother, Avery, said that the way to get rid of the body to "burn" it … is heat destroying the DNA. «

Maybe he was just made for his illegal belief. Or he was deadly serious.

Are you Steven Avery targeting Teresa Halbach?

Teresa Halbach Teresa Halbach | Netflix via YouTube

Teresa Halbach was the photographer of the magazine Auto Trader Magazine, so it makes sense to run through Avery throughout her work. When he once responded to the door, once wearing only a towel, Halbach admitted that he had "pulled it" and did not want to return.

Avery, however, wanted to see a young photographer again, so he explicitly asked to come in and even use a fake name to return. The appointment was made under Avery's sister, Barb Janda, instead of his.

When on 31 October Avery called Halbach, when he disappeared, he used the function * 67 to block his phone number. He obviously knew she would not rise if she saw who was calling.

There are a number of compelling evidence against Avery

In a short message, Ken Kratz doubted the intentions of the documentary maker.

Obviously, Halbach's personal belongings, including her telephone, camera and other things, were discovered in a cask near the Avery Gate. Two witnesses saw him insert the objects into the hose to burn him. However, these details were never mentioned Create a killer.

Kratz also claimed that the bones discovered in a fire cave were mixed with steel belts made of automotive tires, which would not support the theory that the bones were planted there. An article in the Wisconsin State Journal explained in more detail: "Researchers also said in court documents that steel bands containing about six tires, which were used as fire extinguishers, were found. They also found that there were some 5-gallon spoons that seemed to have been used to distribute burns.

And for that sphere to be planted? Ballistic tests proved that she was released from Steven Avery's gun and confiscated during the first property investigation.

Steven Avery's gun Steven Averya Netflix gun via YouTube

Is Steven Avery Guilty?

At the end of the day there is no definitive way to prove whether Steven Avery is innocent or guilty. Only man himself and Teresa Halbach know what really happened on that fateful day of 2005. But while watching Netflix documentary Create a killerIt is crucial to keep in mind the bias that the document makers had. The idea of ​​an innocent man behind bars is a more convincing television.

Avery's new lawyer Kathleen Zellner is convinced that Steven Avery was wrongly convicted and filed a motion for a conviction to take his client to a new trial. Perhaps in the light of her findings, new evidence will prove that she is innocent.

Then again, it may not be.


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