Is Christian Bale the "vice president" the most extreme career?


Christian Bale with his shirt is almost unrecognizable as Dick Cheney in 'Vice.' Annapurna Pictures

If you need someone who will still make a movie show, Christian Bale is your boyfriend. Adam McKay, who directed in Bale Great short, said he wrote part of Dick Cheney for the British actor in his next one Vice President and that a movie without Bala would not do.

When viewing photos or seeing the Bale trailer in Vice President, you can see why it had to be for McKay. Bale did not only thoroughly research the role, but everyone was impressed on the go; he also gained more than 40 kg. He shaved his head, shone his eyebrows, and made special exercises for thickening his neck.

By the time the artists finished their work, Bale was as much a Cheney as himself. Of course, for a player, known for his commitment to film roles, he was in office for another day. In fact, the work is Bale in Ljubljana Vice President maybe not even his most extreme to this day.

Bale's lonely characters in "The Machinist" and "The Fighter"

Bale in "Machinist" | Filmax Group – Castelao Producciones

To play the unmodified industrial worker in Ljubljana Машинист (2004), Bale decided to lose weight. When it was completed, the player fell intimidating 60 kg. That left him up to 120 lbs. To get there, he said that he drank a lot and smoking – so unhealthy as you can do it.

For playing Dicky Eklund v Borec (2010), Bale again needed to lose weight in order to convincingly play a boxer who was crippled by cracks. But this role was needed to stay muscled and circumcised (if it was malnourished), so he did not go to the price of drinks and cigarettes. He won the best actor Oscar for his troubles.

Weight gain for "American Hustle" and "Vice" – and the impact of Oscar

Bale in the American Devil | Atlas Entertainment – Annapurna Pictures

Take advantage of the 70-year-old fraudster David O. Russel American Hustle (2013), Bale went on the other way. According to People, it is glued to 43 lbs. for a fraction it leaves at robust 228 lbs. at the time of shooting. (If you hold the result of the home, this means that Bale weighs 108 kg more than he did at the time Borec shooting.) This transformation also earned him the Oscar nomination – this time for the best actor.

In McKay's Vice President, who opened the Christmas Day, Bale had two separate Dick Cheneys who played. The first was younger Cheney, who served as head of the White House under Gerald Ford and Defense Minister George H.W. Bush. In this version there were more hair (brown) and a bit less weight than Cheney as a VP.

When she played older Cheney (Bush's Veep), Bale took most of her hair, looks somewhat heavier and has a slightly different way. Obviously, physical transformations are only part of the work Bale does in these roles, and you can bet that the Academy's observers are watching.

The player has already won an Oscar for losing weight and a great performance. Will his role in Vice President bring it to another (this time, to add so much weight)? He worked for De Niro in Raging Bull, and Bale has already received a nomination for the Golden Globe. It seems to be the best Oscar player at this point.

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