iPhone SE 2: What happened to her and why?


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I wrote this method in January 2015, when I began to think that the iPhone X and iPhone XS became the next next inevitable step forward in the development of the iPhone:

Imagine the next iPhone, where the screen turns to the edge on both sides, it does not disappear on the curve, but as a curve. Imagine how the iPhone and FaceTime Camera and the headphones are nearly free, and the screen reaches almost to the top. And we're introducing the iPhone, where the home button is replaced with new technology, which still allows the physical escape to a familiar state that can still scan fingerprints and verify authenticity, but this also allows the display to reach almost all the bottom.

The essence of the idea was that people always asked for a more modern 4 inch iPhone, but it seemed to me that this was not the smaller size of the screen they really wanted, the smaller size of the phone, and if the screen shifted – to the edge , we could have both.

Almost four years later, we have the usual sizes of the iPhone X and XS with the iPhone Plus, plus the iPhone XS Max with an even larger screen.

But what we do not have is that the original, is still loved by some, 4-inch size of the iPhone device with what is previously the "usual" 4.7-inch iPhone screen.

We had SE. We still did not get it [SE] X.

History of SE

In September 2014, Apple announced the big and larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The reasons were simple. For a while, Apple sold the iPhone to pretty much anyone on AT & T or wanted to switch to that, it moved to Verizon, NTT DOCOMO and China Mobile. She fixed her closest neighbors in order to further promote business. Apple also sold the iPhone almost to anyone who wanted or were willing to give a 4 inch or smaller iPhone, and the rest of the company was … bigger.

But while Apple introduced the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone, and left the 4-inch iPhone 5s on the market, it did not make a new 4-inch. So, people who liked the facial factor were allowed to choose – stick with the older model, or scroll to a size that they liked less to get a processor and a camera that they liked more.

And that remains until 2015, past the introduction of the big and big iPhone 7, until March 2016. Then, Apple announced the iPhone SE.

It had a better interior than the iPhone 5s in the same form factor – equivalent to the iPhone 6s … but not to that of the leading 7. And symbolically there was a deeper problem: Apple did not cope with demand forecasting – market research does not determine what people want on the iPhone. At the very beginning, the demand for SE was far beyond the offer.

Apple seemed to think that people wanted only the new 4 inch iPhone because of lower prices. But a large number bought them for smaller sizes. But again, because it was still essentially an annual device, the customers had to decide again on how to stick with the older guts or to achieve a size that they liked less, only to get a processor and a camera that they liked more.

When the next big change came, it seemed that Apple had learned in the past: it introduced the iPhone X, but also updated previous formal factors with exactly the same, top-notch processors and cameras. If you did not want the next generation that you could hold with the previous one, do not give anything else.

Apple even kept the iPhone SE on the market at the very bottom of the season. At least for a year.


When Apple introduced iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, iPhone SE had to die. There were some reasons for this.

  1. Apple not only killed the iPhone SE this year, but also destroyed the entire processor's generation. Everything was made on the A9 processor, including the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6s Plus and even the 9.7-inch iPade (5th generation). Apple's A8 is still selling in the iPad mini 4, iPod Touch, Apple TV 4 and HomePod. But two of these are not mainstream computer devices and others … they are almost abandonware at this point.

  2. The market is constantly moving away from smaller screens. Perhaps not for some and their technical circles on Twitter, but for most of the world where the phone can and sometimes has to be the primary or only computer device. For a large number of people, fitting phones in super tight jeans is nice to have. A larger screen to be more productive should be. And yes, even small people with small arms. Like a tablet, it's for everyone.

  3. iOS was also persistently removed from smaller screens. Both the system and the applications are barely compressed to a 320-line wide screen. It still works, it gets less comfortable and even useful over a long period of time.


But this was the old iPhone SE with its old design and the size of the old screen. What about the new one?

On August 4, 2017, Focus Taiwan claimed:

It is expected that Wistron will begin shipping the new iPhone SE, which is expected to be cheaper than the larger iPhone for the next few years in the first quarter of the year for many Indian consumers.

On 22 November 2017, economic daily news of Taiwan reported:

In the first half of next year, Apple will release the new iPhone SE 2, which will attack emerging markets and launch the first battle between Apple and Apple in the next year.

On January 2, 2018, TrendForce, a market research company, through MacRumors,

Apple plans to launch the second-generation iPhone SE in 2018 to focus on the mid-range smartphone market

On 8 January, Sachin Baht of Tekz24 solely requested:

We recently got a line from a very reliable source that the iPhone SE 2 will have a glass rear panel, just like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X series.

On 29 January 2018, the supplier exfilitrator extraordinaire, Kuo Ming-Chi, doubted the new SE. Via MacRumors:

In three new models in the second half of 2018 we believe that Apple may have exploited its development resources. We also believe that the company will do its utmost to avoid the occurrence of a delay in the delay of the shipment for the three new models. We therefore believe that Apple is unlikely to have enough spare resources to develop the new iPhone model for the launch in Q2.

On December 20, 2018 Mac Otakara pressed on:

Consomac reported that the new iPhone SE will be released in May or June, but when we interviewed a number of iPhone clothes that were introduced in Global Sources Mobile Electronics 2018, they said that the iPhone SE2 to be released in May will be the same size as the main body like the iPhone SE, a 3.5 mm headphone jack will disappear and Apple Pay with NFC payment on the vehicle and the store will become available.

The front wears the Touch ID without changing from the iPhone SE, the media captured by HEIF or HEVC, adopting the A10 Fusion chip and it seems to be treated almost like the iPhone 7 products.

It seemed that the Qi wireless charge also fit, but there was no convincing evidence that the back of the glass was there.

On May 10, MacRumors doubted how the old potential SE model could be:

MacRumors bought the cabinets and alleged dimensions of the new iPhone SE from the Olixar housings manufacturer via the online Mobile Add-onseller, suggesting that the notch will be about half as wide as the one on the iPhone X, but it's almost too slim to recognize facial recognition sensors.

On May 14, Mac Back – Mac Otakara, which – supports the new design and more.

The Chinese accessory maker who exhibited in Japan IT Week Spring 2018 Mobile Expo said that production did not start for the model to succeed the iPhone SE, so the option is low to be sold in the 2nd quarter of 2018, and that instead, it will be in the second half of the 3rd quarter of 2018, when the iPhone X ยท iPhone X Plus, etc., will be presented.

Depending on the particular glass manufacturer, there are 3 types of glass prototypes, and according to the design, they are designed to have the same features that they do not have any Touch ID holes, and their upper part is cut in the form of TrueDepth cameras.

On May 31, Sonny Dickson, who often gets a pre-release edition of parts of iPhone and puppets from China, is tweeted:

iPhone SE 2 (left) iPhone X screens (right). It seems that the SE shares the image, but a smaller notch.

On July 10, BlueRin Research reached MacRumors to say:

The research note that Barronov received and shared was misinterpreted. It did not concern the termination of the iPhone SE, but suggested that Apple had plans for the second generation iPhone SE, which was called "iPhone SE 2" in the newsletters. BlueFin Research did not mention the original iPhone SE in its note and the information only applies to the iPhone SE 2.

But, of course, the iPhone SE – not SE 2 – was abolished.

So, where does this leave us?


Despite the fact that Apple does not update the iPhone SE over the last two and a half years, size and design are still popular with the customer base segment. What large or small segment is not known, although the probability depends on whether you turn on or off from it. In other words, the more we want the iPhone SE 2, the more likely it is that we think a lot, and many other people also, and we believe that the market must ache, because damn it, we want it!

We'll say things like, it's impossible to know how many people would buy a modern, small iPhone, because Apple does not offer one, so people can not pick it. And even if you emphasize, Apple does not offer either a 2 inch or 20-inch iPhone thread, but there are other ways to determine that these markets are undoubtedly small, so there's no need to risk the billions of dollars they are testing and failing firmly first We will not listen to you completely.

But let's say that the believers are right and that the doubters are wrong, and Apple still has a new iPhone SE on the drawing board and simply waited to get to the beginning of the iPhone XS and XR to release enough resources for the next spring release. Suppose this is more fun. What would be SE 2?

Because the market for this is really two.

The first is less expensive market. Apple is kind of a variety that already serves two ways. One, the iPhone 7 took the place of the iPhone SE at the very bottom of the market. It's not $ 349, but it's available from $ 499, with a larger screen, better processor, and a better camera than the SE. And two, the iPhone XR is the cheaper next-to-one-in-10 generation iPhone, which typically starts at $ 749, but Apple is strongly encouraged for just $ 449 with the store.

The rumor is that Apple brings the iPhone X back to emerging markets, especially India. It will not be cheap, but it will be cheaper than XS.

If Apple wants to return to the iPhone at an initial level of $ 349, the damn average Wall Street sales price is currently holding so expensive and does not want to wait and drop the iPhone 7 into this slot next autumn and a slight specification -bumped iPhone SE 2 with iPhone 7-like internal ones can certainly be done.

But I would not do anything for anyone who wants even a lower leadership position. Except, you know, you really have to be angry.

So, the other is the smaller iPhone market. Apple only really serves it now with the iPhone XS that squeezes pre-reserved for the Plus plus screen and a dual-camera system in regular large devices. For anyone who already had eyes and heart that he said "yes" Plus, but the mind and hands said it was not perfect.

With Apple's Max, Apple made a plus device and cut the screen. What Apple has not yet done, at least not yet, is to view the regular size and make the device even smaller.

The iPhone, 6, 6, 7, or 8 sizes of edge-to-edge margins in the iPhone body size, even if the iPhone XR-style has compromises like aluminum and a single camera system for it. Depending on the cost of the A12 Bionic and TrueDepth cameras, it would not be possible to direct it to $ 349, even though I would not ask anyone who wants a new iPhone at the entry level.

So, here we are: Rumors that Apple has made a new initial iPhone SE for first-time buyers and fast-growing markets, which was basically updated by the iPhone SE with slightly better glasses, but the same low, low cost. Then there are rumors that Apple has made a new, modern iPhone SE with edge-to-edge display, camera notch and everything for people who want a new fancy new iPhone, but not one as big as XS. Now, nothing.



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