How valuable is the "Batman" winner for a star?


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As early as 2000, fans of the film were rebuilt by Christian Christian Christian Christian Christian Bale American Psycho. By 2004, they wondered how Bale lost so much weight for his performance Машинист.

After watching him Batman begins (2008) and again lagging behind Borec (2010), Bale's enthusiasm probably began to worry. In short, it seemed that I would not stop at all to achieve a perfect performance.

At the end of 2018, the British actor was preparing for a major recognition (and probably an Oscar nomination) for his role as Dick Cheney in Adam McKay Vice President. And, once again, he will tell stories of how he gained so much weight (only to disappear later).

Bale's commitment to his vessel explains why McKay was the only choice to play Cheney – and why he earns as much as a movie star.

Greater than Jennifer Lawrence in "American Hustle"

As we agreed, Bale will get another nomination for the Oscar Vice President (he already has the Golden Globe Award), he has got three of his Academy to date. Of these three nominations, Bale received two prizes for the best actor, who won the statue Borec.

His second nomination came in 2014 for his work at American Hustle. In this film, Bale collaborated with Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

Bale in the American Devil | Atlas Entertainment – Annapurna Pictures

While all four are big stars, we learned from the Sony dash (and later the Daily Beast Report) that Bale earned more than Adams and Lawrence. (Its inclusion included 9% in the back-end compensation, compared to 7% for women's water.)

Certain Hollywood sex inequality has been included in this line of fees. But it also hints at Bale's huge creaking. After all, his trilogy of Batman (director Christopher Nolan) has reached over 2 billion dollars worldwide.

Great short, for which Bale earned his third Oscar nomination, reached $ 130 million. Considering these numbers, it's easy to see how Bale collected such a wealth at the age of 44.

The net worth of Bale is estimated at $ 80 million.

Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic, Bale's wife, at the premiere Christian Bale and his spouse Sibi Blazic attend Annapurna Pictures, Gary Sanchez Productions, and the world premiere of "Vice" Plan B Entertainment on December 11, 2018 in Beverly Hills. | David Livingston / Getty Images

Earlier in 2018, Celebrity Net Worth rated Bale a personal fortune of 80 million dollars. But this eye amount certainly did not happen overnight. If you check the list of 52 Bale credits, you will see that he started his acting career at the age of 12 years.

In 1987, he starred in the film scene with his role as Jim in Steven Spielberg the empire of the sun. In his late 20s, the role in Velvet Goldmine in American Psycho he established him as a leading man. Today, Hollywood's best management hope, Bale will give his talents for his productions (as McKay did for Vice President.)

When the Academy announces its nominees for the best actor at the end of January, almost certainly Bale made a list. It may not be possible to increase his Hollywood stock even higher, but it seems he will still shoot.

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