Hitchcock winner continues, Oilers beat Flyers 4-1


Draisaitl, McDavid and Koskinen hit again. The final result: 4-1 Oilers.

The first period was weird. The guys were at their heels to start playing and have made some lonely gifts in their own name. This is something we got used to late. Koskinen made a couple of big earnings and some defensive errors from Flyers led to some of the results we have achieved. In the end, he just got into the hands of Connor McDavid in Leon Draisaitl to Alex Chiasson, and then bada-bing-bada-booma, who is in the net. Chiasson flew during this period and scored a number of hits. His goal was to put Oilers on board and create a good momentum for the remainder of the era. Both Flyers and Oilers have replaced unsuccessful power and went to the wardrobe with a 1-0 lead.

The second period began with a four-month penalty killing, as Drake Caggiula drew blood for his high stick at Nolan Patrick. Oilers did work on the PK and even gave some swing from a long criminal killing. This eventually led to unsuccessful power, followed by some wonderful shifts and pressure in the attack zone. Connor McDavid reached the edge of the line-up, so he cut off from the goalkeeper's goalkeeper, and only a few seconds later Adam Larsson scored a goal. Despite the fact that they had been slain for almost half of the period, Oilers had a solid period.

The team came out completely in the third period. They did not let flyers touch hell in the first eight minutes, and that was the most fun hockey I saw this year. Also, what was the crowd so loud? It seemed that they enjoyed the success of the team at home and it seemed that it was buzzing there. Of course, right after this excellent start of the season, Flyers took control that they were looking for all the game long. Oilers returned in a few shifts in a row that could not remove hell from our zone or get deep into the Flyers area. This eventually led to the goal of Sean Couturier at the end of a long move in our own position. Oilers managed to stay for the remainder of the game and Connor McDavid put the ball in the net with an empty goal.

In general, despite the huge defenses and fines, Oilers played a very well rounded game. In any case, I did not expect such a pace after they were heavy, but it is safe to say that they were impressed tonight. Oilers has won six home races at home and are a tough team that won in the time of Hitchcock.

  • Alex Chiasson reached his high, 14th goal with the Oilers. The guy was an unreal pickup for us and I thought he could hardly reach 10 goals this season. Atta is Chiassserrrr!
  • By racing Alexa Chiasson in the first goal, Leon Draisaitl extends his point to five games, while Connor McDavid extends to eight games. Leon and Connor finished the night with three points.
  • I could not get enough Jujhar Khaira tonight. He's crawling up and down the ice and there's no fear for the eggs on Wayne Simmonds and anyone on Flyers. Playing on the Puljujar line was fun, because whenever someone looked at 98, Jujhar was in their face.
  • Connor's original goal in the night was one of the barks drawn by Draisaitl, and then Connor shot from the last line into the goal. If it's not fun then I do not know what it is! Even that was not only a lucky goal, Connor went to the goalkeeper's side and could not make a better shot.
  • Adam Larsson scored his first goal of the season and scored the first goal in 43 matches! That was just a few seconds after Connor McDavid's hit from the epic race with Spooner.
  • Tobias Rieder has shown his speed several times tonight, especially on the penalty when he went out in the second period to cut off. He ended up on the shot, but this is not an important part of this point
  • The Puljujarvi-Nuge-Khaira line had another amazing night. They were offensive at the offensive end throughout the game and even mixed up a little after the whistles. I love it!
  • I thought Caleb Jones had a good NHL debut. He played 11:23 minutes and it seemed quite comfortable. It was a great way to dip your fingers into the water and I'm looking forward to seeing more games from him.
  • Mikko Koskinen had another starry night and is now home 7-0. Would you ever think that this is possible when we first signed it? Truly, I was blinded to Koskin before I saw him play, and I apologize for this.
  • Connor McDavid played only 18:51 minutes, which is a great reduction from what Hitch usually played. If we can win for three goals with Connor, who plays less than 20 minutes per match, we will be far behind.

  • I feel weird that I Koskinen played this year nothing but a solid tube, But I am shocked that no one has taken advantage of all the juicy repulsions that leave them in the slot. I think I'm so happy that nobody works, but it surprises me that he played so well, but leaves so many jumps.
  • Soccer players took five penalties tonight, which in my opinion is too much. Luckily they had good punishment and killed them, all of them fighting with special teams on the road. We hope that we will be more disciplined in the future.
  • Oilers played a great game, but I think that Koskinen's solid game covered a lot of bad defensive defects that we made. Sometimes the boys fought to leave the area, especially in the third period. In some ways, there were some movements that could not be excluded, which eventually led to the goal of Couturier.
12:37 Edmonton Alex Chiasson (14) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (24), Connor McDavid (29) 0-1
12:37 Edmonton Connor McDavid (18) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (25), Darnell Nurse (8) 0-2
14:08 Edmonton Adam Larsson (1) ASST: Ryan Spooner (2), Darnell Nurse (9) 0-3
10:03 Philadelphia Sean Couturier (13) ASST: Jakub Voracek (17), Claude Giroux (28) 1-3
19:24 Edmonton SL – Connor McDavid (19) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (26) 1-4


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