Here is a list of all Smash Ultimate ghosts in the game


Всех 1000+

Super Smash Bros. UltimateThe spiritual system (a mechanic that allows you to "equip" different characters that are mostly not in the game to refuse statistics in certain ways) has begun innocuous enough. In fact, you run through the World of Light campaign, do some secret areas and you're ready.

But over time, Nintendo began to add events, which increased the number of cereals. The thing is, they never provided a source that would help the conclusions to follow everyone. Enter unofficially Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Directory of ghosts.

He was led by Andrew "Slowback1" Wobeck and crew, where all (currently) 1303 spirits are displayed in the order indicated in the game. Other small features include the ability to distort the random ghost and quiz (which has some breaks as you give occasional responses) that stretch across the entire Nintendo sphere and beyond.

Try to find the last spirit!

Directory [Smash Ultimate Spirits]

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