He was robbed of arms by armored carriers on the north-eastern edge of Edmonton


Police vehicles blocked 160 Ave east of 82 streets. The Gardaworld armored van is on the south side of Scotiabank. Juris Graney / Postmedia

Police are looking for a suspected armed robbery, which included double armored vehicles on the north-eastern Edmonton River, which occurred around 2 am on Thursday.

North East Division Sgt. Paul Czerwonka said that two guards during a robbery near Ave Avenue Avenue and 82 Street lost a life-threatening head injury. Healthcare spokeswoman Alberta Kerry Williamson said hospitals carried two patients to a hospital, including one adult male in serious but stable conditions, and one adult woman in a stable condition.

Czerwonka said that the police are still searching for at least one suspect who escaped with an undisclosed amount of money.

"There is only one that we know … but we do not know if more than one is in this place," Czerwonka said.

The GardaWorld reinforced van that is still blazing on the dangerous bulbs lay on the south side of nearby Scotiabank, located on Thursday morning at 8140 160 Ave NW.

"Our employees are now safe and in good hands," GardaWorld said in a statement. "We provide support to our employees, their families and colleagues in the branch. The GardaWorld Security Team works closely with the local authorities in their investigation. & # 39;

An explosion heard

Kevin Uchman, who lives just off the road from the bank, said he heard what he described as noise, such as a dump that fell from the trash to the ground. At first, he did not think of anything until his wife, 20 minutes later, noticed the police cars screaming against the bank.

Then they realized that Scotiabank was in the explosion. He said that he knew people working in the bank and that it was not the first time that the thieves were the target of the bank.

"Usually we get this noise behind the tape center because garbage trucks always come and go and drop containers, but we just rejected it," said Uchman. "When we heard that we saw that it was in our house, it was so loud. "

"After we woke up and watched the noise, we found out that it was right in our backyard, which is quite frightening. My first thought was what the world is coming in. When this happens in your own backyard, it's quite embarrassing"

Police ask motorcyclists to escape the area. Traffic is redirected.

It's still coming.


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