HBO's Brexit's trailer: why Benedict Cumberbatch's film is controversial


On Friday, HBO revealed a trailer for his upcoming movie Brexit, led by Toby Haynes on an advertising campaign to leave for 2016 that "is about scenes that reveal the personages, strategies, and disputes of the Leave and Remain campaign", according to HBO.

Premiere on HBO and Channel 4 of the United Kingdom on January 19, Brexit The goal is to be a dramatic renaming of a highly advanced political campaign that prompted the Britons to vote to leave the European Union – a campaign whose tactics, motivations and consequences need not be fully understood.

Film, an international co-production with BBC Studios, Channel 4 and House Productions, plays Benedict Cumberbatch as the man who led this action: Dominic Cummings.

Cummings, who presented himself in the trailer with the words "Meet the man for Brexit," was the campaign director for voting since October of 2015, joining the slogan "Supervise control". (Observer columnist Nick Cohen recently named him "the most important modern number that has never been heard by 99% of the population")

In the trailer, Cummings appears to be raising a racial response and asks: "Is immigration? You can be honest. Is it a race? No Do you like it? "- while he wrote" Turkey "on the door, which was written in the records, and explains the" Leave "movement as a desire to" return to the time when we knew our place ".

The trailer refers to the advanced, dubious data tactics that the campaign used, and Cumberbatch Cummings discussed "hacking the electoral system" and designing a social media strategy that will "re-buy quotas for our benefit".

The timeline of the film is controversial, and the United Kingdom is deeply divided over how to leave the EU and whether the decision to do so was fairly accepted.

Many Britons gathered on Twitter to express their anger on the film. Carole Cadwalladr, a journalist who conducted extensive investigations on Vote Leave, was compared with the United Kingdom, which made a film about Robert Mueller's Special Attorney's Office on Russia's interference with the US presidential election in 2016 when it will take place.

What kind of investigation?

Since negotiations in Brexit remain in a state of hibernation, the details of the tactics used by the Leave campaign are still not revealed. There is no single "investigation" in the campaign, as was with Donald Trump, although Cadwalladr – among other things – has suggested to Britain that he needs his own investigation of Mueller.

Fair Vote UK is preparing to launch a legal challenge to refuse a government to conduct an investigation into "irregular and unlawful conduct" that could affect the outcome, including Russian disinformation and violations of electoral law laws.

Campaign It is However, the United Kingdom Electoral Commission examined its use of resources and data. In July, the Senate of the Electoral Commission found Vote Leave to break the electoral law that exceeded its £ 7 million spending limit by diverting money through the pro-Brexit group, BeLeave (official leave and other campaigns restricted matter, ). Some argue that this surplus could be decisive in the referendum, which included a narrow 51.9% victory for the holiday. "(One Conservative MP made several complaints about the use of the Remain campaign, but the Electoral Commission rejected them).

The Britons at the Remain camp also drew 2.7 million pounds for a campaign to go to data services Aggregate IQ, a Canadian digital marketing company linked to Cambridge Analytico. Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Chris Wylie claimed that the company was helping to "cheat" Brexit with the US presidential election, although Facebook claimed last month that their data were not used in United Kingdom campaigns.

Dominic Cummings, the man at the heart of HBO, did not respond to inquiries of false news before the House of Commons commission inviting former NBA leader Cambridge Analytica.


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