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Has the "National Subscriber" finally got one right with his sensational exposure to the Bezos affair? Boing Boing

"The richest man in the world who earned a cheat!" Screams a National Enquirer a special edition devoted to 11 terrible sides of the Amazon leader Jeff Bezos and his alleged affair for the wedding. You can disdain tabloids because of their apparent disregard for the facts, their dishonest dishonesty, flight fantasy, and wrong personal attacks.

Although it is highly questionable whether such interference with the profound personal life of a private entrepreneur is moral or journalistic, it can not be denied that the near release of the special issue Enquirer disclosures for which Bezos issued a public statement in which he recognized his legal separation.

"The cheating photos that ended his law," he promises Enquirer cover. »Text and wild rhythms on his private plane! How he stole a second mogulka's wife! "If I lived in a sensory tank last week or if I was locked in a bathroom for a month to get $ 100,000, Bezos and his writer 25 years ago MacKenzie announced his separation after Enquirer He claimed to have cheated with the television reporter Lauren Sanchez, who was married to one of the strongest Hollywood agents Patrick Whitesell.

The Enquirer he can boast that for four months he has been prosecuting the secret romantic footage of Bezos across America, crossing five countries and 40,000 miles, and claims to have photographs that prove this. Jeff and Lauren arrived in Los Angeles on October 18, 2018 after "escape from Miami". There you will be boarding his private jet Gulfstream on October 29 in Boston. near the restaurant on October 30, 2018.

Enquirer photographers were there when the couple arrived at Sanchez's home in Santa Monica on November 26, and watched how Bezos left the next day at 1 pm. Three days later Enquirer was once again there when Bezos and Sanchez enjoyed dinner at a nearby restaurant and followed them to the Beverly Hills Hotel where Bezos rent a private bungalow.
The Enquirer she can boast that her photographers captured the pigeons, who "jointly murdered their zero-hearted spouse, not less than six times in 14 days."

But how does a "dirty" dd couple actually get it? In fact, all the photographs that ended his marriage show that Bezos and Sanchez walked, ate or walked together without showing affection. After a four-month investigation, there is no photo of Bezos and Sanchez as if holding hands, let alone kiss or embrace.

Their romantic dinner in Santa Monica on October 30? They were joined by two friends, so it was barely a mysterious romantic attempt. Sanchez was supposed to stay in the palace in Bezos, Los Angeles this night, and the next day, he left around midday, but Enquirer he can not know whether Sanchez actually shared his host's bed or stayed in one of the many guest rooms.

"Explosive photos" of their arrival at the Bezos airline at Burbank Airport, California, on October 18, are announced as "Noisy Noise!" Another mysterious association, not exactly because they were accompanied by Sanchez's sister and assistant.

On October 27, when Bezos and Sanchez stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, Enquirer she admits she remained in a separate room and only saw that the next day she left the hotel – without knowing what was going on behind closed doors. The Enquirer she never needed the facts to skip the conclusions, so it was easy to connect the dots and decided that Bezos and Sanchez were fans.

Fly in his private jet together? They had to join the Mile Mile Club Enquirer assumes. Dinner with two friends? They have to play "footsie," he says Enquirer. Armed with a plethora of suspicions and assumptions, Enquirer on January 7, he faced Bezos with his accusations – and Bezos was blinking.

Two days later he issued a public statement in which he declared the dissolution of the marriage and assurances that his friend MacKenzie remains. But Sanchez did not mention, and there is still no evidence – only indirect evidence – which links both romantically, although it seems very likely that Enquirer finally got one right.

Was it the fault that Bezos acknowledged, even though he did not admit any affair? Striving for Enquirer It seems that this was a series of written and sexually charged text messages, allegedly sent to Bezos Sanchez – but their provenance and content appear doubtful.

"I want to breathe in," he wrote. "I want to keep you tight. . . I want to kiss your lips. . . I love you . . . I want to kiss you now and slowly and gently push you in. "Besos reportedly sent Sanchez's photos of himself, who only wears a towel without a shirt, along with" a self-portrait that is too clear to describe it in detail. " which sounds alarm, because Enquirer he never found anything too clear to describe. Actually, they are looking forward to posting such photographs, though with some discreet picture.

The images of the birthing messages displayed by the iPhone are not actual photos, and the discreetly hidden title with a small print shows that they are just "text recurrences". How much trust Enquirer have the accuracy of your message? Instead of quoting them elsewhere in the 11-page exposition as proof of Bezos's alleged love for Sanchez, the main article states: "We can disclose that Bezos told the confidant he is" in love "with Sanchez that his" heart has never been " He felt more secure. . . "

Why? Enquirer if you choose to quote an unnamed source if you want to include his own statement from Bezos from his messages? Because they do not believe them or seriously doubt the accuracy of the texts. No Yes Enquirer missing from the named sources: brings us an interview with Tazo Bezos, Kathy Jorgensen, which guarantees that the abandoned wife MacKenzie Bezos "will take him to the cleaners. . . He knows the dirtyest secrets about him. . . they will probably agree and add to the agreement that they will never discuss what he knows about Jeff. "

It would be wicked to point out that Bezos was two years old when his parents were divided and that his mother raised him, so that the father's side of the family – including Aunt Kathy Jorgensen – did not see Bezos in 53 years since he was only from diapers? And this is what ranks among excellent resources Enquirer space.

The Enquirer claims that Bezos, when confronted with his suspicions, "imagined in a single source:" Can I buy a story from them? "" From past experiences, it may be surprising that Enquirer I would not have jumped on this opportunity to earn money while at the same time maintaining the influence on the richest – and most influential – men in the world. Ultimately, Enquirer has completed a "four-month investigation" that seems to have lasted just under three months, with a collection of photographs showing together Bezos and Sanchez, often together with other friends and colleagues accompanying them, but not caught in the flag delicto.

The obvious evidence was enough for Bezosa to acknowledge the end of his marriage – or would he confess to the Sanchez affair? "Getting a thought is first to know the truth," concluded the study. Only time will tell.

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