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Game # 54 Overview: Toronto Maple Leafs 4 v Montreal Canadiens 3 (OT)

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens
Photo: Graham Hughes / Canadian Press

Toronto Maple Leafs won the sixth consecutive victory over Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night with their most significant victory at Bell Center from unforgettable 6-1 in February 2013.

Your game in ten:

1. It had the experience of 1 game in the atmosphere, intensity, speed, and the entire flow of the game. Both teams filled the door with a hot pace and joined for three early goals before they really aggravated when the teams decided to play. It was played with good pace and intensity all the way to the end, but there was almost no room in the neutral zone for both sides for most games, and very few were available in a hurry. Good potential for preview in playoff.

2. Canadiens retained territorial advantage over the whole game (53/47 for shooting attempts), while quality opportunities felt (during live viewing) and were recorded fairly evenly (8-7 Leafs). Canadiens as a team throw a lot of packs in the end and a solid net with consistency – watch them tonight, there is no secret that this team successfully creates an attack on 5v5 with its approach after the board. They play a fast and decisive game with a good measure of play that they have always played with Leafs. While Leafs were captured tonight during the best part of the season, they did it in Toronto in October (they played Leafs and Leafs OT wins), so let's get credit where needed.

This would certainly be a fun competition in the postseason; The top talents of the Leafs would have to give them a noticeable edge at the end of the day – and their designers at the level of elite levels proved the difference in overtime – but Habs definitely do not look as lightweight.

3. Leafs must definitely find a second level as shown tonight – some of their best players were not the best, whether Matthews, Kadri, Marner – which was encouraging, especially on the way in a heavy building, immediate answers after an early hit 1-0 and then 3-2 in the third. It's a good sign of maturity for the team that they did not even show up there. Despite the double backlogs in the game, Leafs are only two and a half minutes away.

4. Most of the best Leafs players who were not the best were the best in the team in possession William Nylander in Nazem Kadri 16% and 12% CF, followed by them Mitch Marner 34%. The Kadri line moved from Habs's Artturie Lehkonen, Joel Armie and Jesperi Kotkaniemy and scored only one goal per goal in eight minutes and half minutes (nine against). The Matthews line was better in the attempts against Max Dom, but it was on ice for two goals against and did not create much. For me, Marleau – Matthews – The Kapanen line just does not have a natural bearer of the puck and acting creator.

It seems that it was a simple move to replace Nylander and Kapan, but it never happened and Babcock sounds like he's holding onto this for now: "I just think this option has a really good line. We believe that this line can be the dominant line every night, so we need more from the group. "

5. It was an exception John Tavares, who in the third period reached two great games and continued on two Leaf goals. He hit the blue line and set the backhand pass for Hub's defense for William Nylander to move to goal 3-3 and then ended up with a back-back that fell from his jaw for the unforgettable goal of OT that will be enough this year games are marked by the packages of this season.

This is 33 goals in 54 games per season, many of which are important. His sixth winner tonight ranks him among the top ten in the league (t-6).

Of course, I'm glad Leafs got this interview.

6. In this type of game it really helps if you have a fourth line that works, simplifies, gets deep, final checks and goes to a network like Leafs. Frederik Gauthier, in eight minutes and changing 5v5 of ice time, he finished with 76% of the shooting attempts (13-5), 89% of the arrows on the goal (8-1) and 100% of the occasional hits (6-0). He put in a good effort on the right, but Nikite Zaitseva got his arms down the right, but Andreas Johnssona found it hard to get back into position. He also won two of the three three meetings.

7. Par Lindholm was not on the ice for goal Johnsson, but he also finished with more than 75% of the arrow attempts and first aid on the Zaitsev goal. He solved his problem with the distance to a criminal defeat from the beginning of the season and there is a positive influence there with his ability to cover the ice / constipation and his courage to get into the shooting lanes (including one courageous block tonight straight to the palm of a hand). His PK metrics were not good in the first few months, but he only had three goals against the PK and 13 potential for danger against 52 minutes from the beginning of December. This is the best among regular Leafs PK players since December 1st.

8. Tyler Ennis is healthy and ready to re-enter, but it is difficult to justify the release of Gauthier from the team, which would be the only option with a completely healthy supplement (Lindholm to C, Ennis in LW).

With Ennis hello – and Trevor Moore if you would like to go this way – Leafs have some good options if they have to shake things up or take advantage of some games to rest after a stretch. Patrick Marleau is an obvious candidate for the latter, but there is no way to finish the railroad or Leafs ever asked. But in general, this is something that we need to think about.

Replacement Igor Ozhiganov в за Ron Hainsey Even in the busiest schedule, it makes a lot of sense, but it seems unlikely that PK relies on it and continued use in key situations. Hainsey's minutes have grown ever since Jake Muzzin He played 20+ minutes in the last four games.

That is Travis DermottMinutes that have suffered since Muzzin added. Only 13 minutes and change tonight and only about 16 minutes per game from the purchase. Part of this is that Muzzin took the PK minutes he got, but he also had some light nights.

9. This summarizes the situation on Leafs' power better than I do.

10. It was a cathartic goal / moment William Nylander. The match against Anaheim was pleasant and everything, but in order to achieve a big goal in the third period in the biggest race of the season on the road in Montreal, the Wind Wind needed in its sails. This far side cut is one of his favorite go-tos and a reliable sign that he returns to work. It's not a good night for his line – and no matter what tonight is from the line, Matthews-Nylander is the duo that Leafs have to start at some point – but there are up to seven points in the last seven games and this is an important individual development for Leafs.

Flow of the game: 5v5 Trying the track

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Concentrated game

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