Fortnite v6.30 includes a built-in turret and a new way of eating in food


In his latest limited time mode (LTM), Fortnite will put the signs of Durr-Burger and Pizza Pit among themselves, with an obstacle created to separate the two opponents. The way of the game is quite a battle for the destruction of the mascot of the other team. Build a fortress to protect the mascot of the restaurant. A real culinary war.

There are no explosive weapons or objects in this mode, and the players will release their inventory after 7 seconds.

Together with Food Fight Limited, Epic also added a new solo event called the Scavenger Pop-Up Cup. "Scavenger will test some game adaptations – reduce material limitations, accelerate material gain and earn health for eliminations," wrote Epic. Fortnite has revealed that the update will bring a newly installed gun dome.

When Fortnite Food Fighters approach the mascots of the enemy, they will have to destroy their head to achieve victory.

The platform with which the players place the dome is automatically set up irreversibly and has unlimited ammunition capacity. In addition, there are some minor changes and changes, such as Pickaxi, which now operate 20 injuries and not 10. This test is over and, as our PC Gamer reports, the results were not too hot: Epic has disabled the redeployment of parachutes to all defaults modes as part of today's update (v6.30). Perhaps players only get some use of their glider on the race, or it may require height. On the contrary, the parachute again allows players to avoid sticky situations by flying away. The ability of forced players to stick to their fingers, but it also felt unfair to some.

Epic Games first announced this feature in October and said players will be able to re-use their glider parachutes until at least three floors are lowered.

Fortnite it's a better game when it's the most unique.

For a complete list of changes to the patch, see Epic Games.


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