For Trudeau things can change from bad to worse on SNC-Lavalin


At this point, it's hard to believe that what Jody Wilson-Raybould or Jane Philpott could reveal is worse than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, than the feeling of concealing something bad.

Unless one of them tells the state to see Mr Trudeau to rip off the mask to reveal the fiery senator's head, what they have left to say about the affair of SNC-Lavalin can not be worse than what has already happened is experiencing a series of political explosions combined with a hint that there will be more revelations. Can you?

One former minister, Mrs Philpott, has said that there is a lot more in the story. The second, Mrs Wilson-Raybould, intends to submit new written comments to the Commons Justice Committee even after closing the hearing in the case. And that's not all because they will not cover the period after being transferred from the post of the state prosecutor and before leaving the cabinet.

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So it's time for Mr. Trudeau crosses Rubicon, which he had to cross a month ago. I should tell the state that Mrs Wilson-Raybould can reveal everything – and extend the suspension of the privilege of a lawyer and a party already issued by Mrs Wilson-Raybould, so she will cover for 30 days as she was the Minister for Veterans. . And then I should invite both former ministers to express their work in the lower house.

Liberal MPs and cabinet ministers are already calling on two former ministers to tell everyone. Humber River РBlack Creek Member Judy Sgro argued that both ministers could speak of what they want in the lower house under the protection of parliamentary privilege. At the end of the week, Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould and Minister of Tourism M̩lanie Joly responded to television conversations.

But the problem is that Mr. Trudeau still says something different.

She does not say that Mrs. Wilson-Raybould is free to tell everyone. She says she's free enough.

He issued a waiver, which he had exempted from the privilege of the lawyer and the party covering the period of the Advocate General, and claimed that this was the only period of time which is important because the case depends on the claim that the assistants and officials Mr. the general attorney to stop the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin bribery and order settlement.

But Mrs Wilson-Raybould stated that the important parts of the story had occurred later, within four weeks, when the Minister for Veterans Affairs – who had come to a meeting with Mr.

It is possible that something important happened then. Is Mr. Trudeau told why he was transferred from the post of Attorney General? About SNC-Lavalin?

No one will say. Mrs. Wilson-Raybould stated that she still felt she could not say. If the liberals want to tell the state that they can, then everything must be done by Mr. Trudeau, extend the exemption of payment for 30 days.

Of course, some of his deputies want him to do it. Some are really disappointed – and they were irritated when she told Mrs. Philpott Macleans that there was a lot more in the story, but she would not say anything.

Perhaps Mrs Philpott thought this was the story of Mrs Wilson-Rayboud. Of course, Mrs Philpott does not depend on the privileges of a lawyer and a client. And no former minister is attached to the all-encompassing law of silence about what happened when ministers were.

Discussions about the ranking in the cabinet, which are crucial for this matter, are not covered by confidentiality in the Cabinet, because they are the special right of the Prime Minister, and not the government's decision, said lawyer Lawaire Ottawa Yan Campagnolo, who wrote a lot on this subject. It is also an established exception that the minister who resigns in a dispute with his cabinet colleagues can describe the nature of the disagreement.

The confidentiality of the Cabinet should serve the public interest by allowing ministers to freely think, but not to facilitate inappropriate behavior, he said. In his view, Mrs Wilson-Raybould and Ms. Philpott would have no legal sanctions if they were to present their conversations about moving the cabinet, but they might risk expulsion from the liberal club.

Perhaps two ex-ministers will be able to say more. And if so, you should.

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But it is still too early for liberal ministers to insist that they can. Mr Trudeau would be able to resolve all allegations that Ms. Wilson-Raybould only exasperated by extending the waiver for 30 days. So far, he has decided to suffer harm.


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