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Falling letters can not stop oil prices


Oil rigs

Baker Hughes reported a reduction in excise duty on oil and gas in the United States this week. The total number of active oil and gas drilling machines now stands at 1,076, with the number of active oil rigs increasing by 2 to reach 887, and the number of gas platforms dropping by 5 to 189.

From that year last year, the number of oil and gas rigs was 147, of which 138 were in oil rigs.

Prices of crude oil fell on Friday, and in November the worst month for oil prices in the decade, as fears of over-demand and a slowdown in demand growth dominated the hope that OPEC + would agree to attend the meeting of the 6th and December 7th.

The WTI benchmark was traded at 0.35% (-0.18) at $ 51.27 at 12:42 EST a week for $ 4 per barrel. Brent crude was down 0.45% (-0.27) to $ 59.64, almost $ 4 a barrel.

Canadian oil and gas platforms decreased by 5 platforms a week after having acquired 7 platforms last week, bringing the total amount of oil and gas to 199, which is 23 less than last year's platform, oil rigs and gas platforms , which are stable for the week.

Estimates of the EIA for American production for the week ending November 23 continue to weigh on prices, on average 11.7 million bpd for the third consecutive week and the highest level of production in the United States.

By 1am EDT, the WTI slid into red, which is 0.43% (- 0.22 USD) to $ 51.23 per day. Brent crude was down 0.52% (-0.31 USD) at a price of $ 59.60 per barrel.

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