Ex-PC leader Patrick Brown served defamation notice by Minister of Finance Ontario over Tell all books


TORONTO – a publisher based in Toronto, says that Ontario's finance minister is invoking a lawsuit against Patrick Brown over allegations made by the former Progressive Conservative leader in the book.

Dean Baxendale said on Wednesday that lawyers for Vic Fedeli called for the full withdrawal of allegations of sexual offenses that were published in November in the document "Takedown: Attempt from political assassination by Patrick Browne".

Baxendale said that he and Brown were served with a defamation notice – which may be the first step in the lawsuit.

Brown, who resigned from his post last year on allegations of sexual offenses that he denies, appeared in his book as a victim of conspiracy led by senior Tory officials.

The book also made allegations against a number of key members of the Thori government, including Fedeli, whom Brown said was confronted with charges of "improper behavior" committed in December 2017 by the party.

Finance Minister Ontario Vic Fedeli and Mayor Patrick Brown at the signing of the book in December.

Jack Boland / Postmedia; Joanne Laucius / Postmedia

Brown wrote that the charges "were not everything that could be in my opinion in line with Fedel's character", but that he could not ignore them and told Fedelie that he would examine the case. Brown claims that when she spoke to the complainant she asked that the case be not extended.

Fedelie then said that the accusations were "categorically wrong and without merit".

Baxendale said that the retreat required by Fedelie would have sustained the entire book. He said that he briefly responded to the minister's lawyer, but plans a more extensive response.

Brown, who became Mayor of Brampton, Ont., Was not immediately available for comment.


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