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Ex-MLA gets 3 years in prison – Canada News

January 11, 2019 / 16:30 | Story:

Three people were killed and 23 wounded when a two-time city bus attacked a transit halt on Friday afternoon in Ottawa, says Mayor Ottawa Jim Watson.

The air was west of the city center at 15:50, at the beginning of the rush. Watson said at a dinner press conference in the town hall that the bus was intended for Kanati, a more remote suburb of Ottawa.

Two of the dead were on the bus; one was on platform at Westboro station, the main station on the city bus, said Watson.

Ottawa Hospital Trauma Center said that nine patients were "critical" from the rampage.

Photos posted on Twitter showed great damage on the front of the bus, and with the roof of the shelter in the second deck of the vehicle.

"Most of the serious injuries were on the upper right side of the bus," said the head of Ottawa Charles Bordeleau. "I want to express my sorrow and sympathy for the Ottawa police service and other emergency services."

He said that the police are still investigating the cause of the accident. The bus driver was "detained at the scene and will be interrogated at our police station," Bordeleau said.

"It will be a long search," he said.


| Story:

A young woman says that it was good to see a former politician who sexually touched her when she was a child who was taken from a courtroom in Alberta to start a three-year prison sentence.

Don MacIntyre, 63, resigned as a united conservative MLA in February last year after being accused of sexually interfering and sexual assault.

On Friday, he pleaded guilty to the first charge in Red Deer, while the latter was withdrawn.

"He has always been in a position of power and so it's good to see that he was taken away," she said outside the victim's court, which can not be identified.

She said she was happy to go to university and live a normal life. She also said that she could move forward and feel happier, safer and more confident.

"I know that the justice system eventually worked for me and that I no longer need to be afraid."

An agreed statement of facts, which was read in court, MacIntyre sexually affected the victim with the work of his body in 2010 and 2011.

The touching occurred between five and ten times when the victim was 10 years old. Mom told her in 2015.

"He told her that God said that God was okay with touch," she said in a statement, adding that the victim felt depressed and had suicidal thoughts.

The court heard that MacIntyre had apologized after the attacks, asked for forgiveness, and said that it was part of "Satan's plan to destroy the (victim's) faith."

The victim, with two family members who stood behind her, told the court that she sometimes thought that she was representing things or that she was guilty of it. When MacIntyre finally apologized, "I was so relieved that I did not lose my mind," she said.

She described how she had abused her to abandon the creative efforts she had loved, gave her nightmares, and made her sick of her stomach.

She said she was still often angry. "I will bear this rage that I have, to my grave."

Krona applied for a prison sentence of between three and three and a half years, while MacIntyre's lawyer asked for two years.

MacIntyre, the victim apologized from the prison's window for the "pain and anxiety" he caused.

She then wished her a life that was "holistic and healthy and happy".

MacIntyre represented the central Alberto seat Innisfail-Sylvan Lake for the United Conservative Party.

In 2015, he was first elected to the Wildrose party, which joined the Progressive Conservatives in 2017 to establish the United Conservatives.

On Friday, the United Conservative Club published a statement condemning MacIntyre.

"We hope that this disgusting individual will face the full extent of the law when he is convicted of his vicious crimes. Our thoughts remain with the victim and all those who have been affected at that time."

January 11, 2019 / 3:39 | Story:

The news that Queen Elizabeth Caroline Neron's jewelry maker filed for bankruptcy protection highlighted the qualifications of stars that were selected for the French version of the "Dragon's Den" exhibition on Thursday.

Nero's financial problems, described by the media as a "thunder" in the retail industry in Quebec, call into question its ability to evaluate entrepreneurial talent on the radio channel "Dans l'oeil du dragon". The show includes distinguished businessmen who decide whether to invest in plots of new entrepreneurs.

Francois Lambert, the former participant of the exhibition, said that the French CBC does not ask its future stars to disclose their wealth or prove that they have enough time and liquidity to invest correctly in start-ups.

"They never asked me to see my numbers," Lambert said in an interview. "They can say they are begging to see the numbers of people, not because they never did it to me, and this week exploded in their faces."

Other unpleasant decisions to play the role of the dragon are Gilbert Rozon, the embarrassing founder of Just for Laughs, who faces charges of sexual crimes, and Martin-Luc Archambault, who dropped out of the cloud in September. The Canadian Privacy Attorney's investigation revealed that his IT firm violated a number of provisions of the Personal Data Protection and Electronic Document Protection Act.

Lambert co-founded Aheeva Technology Inc., a call center software, available in 75 countries, and says it has investments in 10 companies, including a three-year start-up called Boostmi.

The entrepreneur said that a small survey would mark concerns about Rozen and Archambault, and claimed that there were other people with whom he appeared, who were not in the show. Radio-Canada should seek candidates with money and who sold the company, he claimed.

"We get money with the company, in fact, when we sell it," Lambert said. "I just sold my business when they asked me to be at the show … I was not a crooks and I had my place there. You become a dragon when you finish your business and you have the time to download and use your recipe for success with others. "

Marc Pichette, a spokeswoman for Radio-Canada, said that the public publisher and performers of the show "are carrying out a basic overview (s) of an application based on information that a good dragon gave in good faith."

He added that at the exhibition in 2016, Rozon was an internationally renowned personality chosen by the City of Montreal as Commissioner for the 375th anniversary of 2017.

Montreal's La Presse reported on Friday that he contacted all eight entrepreneurs whom Neron arranged on the last season of the show, which ended in June 2018. None of them received money from the jewelry maker. Nero left the show in December.

During an interview with TVA TV on Thursday, Neron said it closed 9 out of 14 boutiques in the province and lay off 64 of 152 employees.

She has established itself as a singer and actor in Quebec. Michel Nadeau, head of the think-tank for managing public and private businesses, said that the Nero brand was strong in Quebec and was one of the few who created the name in the jewelry market.

"It was one of the few jewelry and craft companies and the craft industry that managed to introduce the brand in the industry – it made it," Nadeau said. "She is very, very present on television and on the radio." The problem was that the business grew too fast because it invested too much in retail and small boutiques in commercial centers with exceptionally high rentals.

Lambert, who was not invited back to the upcoming season "Dans l'oeil du dragon", said that Nero's story should serve as a lesson to all entrepreneurs who are expanding so thin and doing everything and everything rather than running your company. "


January 11, 2019 / 11:30 | Story:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada has granted asylum to a Saudi woman who fled for alleged abuse by her family and was covered in Thailand.

Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, 18, arrived at Bangkok airport when the migrant police denied entry and seized her passport.

She barricaded her in the hotel room at the airport and launched a social media campaign that attracted global attention to her case.

Trudeau says the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has asked Canada to accept Alqunun as a refugee and Canada accepts it.

"This is something we look forward to because Canada is a country that understands how important it is to take a stand on human rights and to promote women's rights worldwide," Trudeau told a press conference in Regina.

Alqununa's case highlighted the cause of women's rights in Saudi Arabia.

More women from Saudi republic who are fleeing their families' abuses have been trapped in recent years in an attempt to seek asylum abroad and return home.

Canada, who took Alqununa, could further aggravate relations between Saudi and Canada.

In August, Saudi Arabia expelled the Canadian ambassador to the kingdom and withdrew its ambassador, after the Canadian Foreign Ministry tweeted support for women activists who were arrested. Saudi Arabia also sold Canadian investments and ordered its citizens studying in Canada to leave.

Alqunun told Twitter earlier that he wants to seek refuge in Australia.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne met with high-ranking Thai officials on Thursday in Bangkok. Later, she said that Australia assessed Alqunun's resettlement request.

January 11, 2019 / 7:19 | Story:

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that a law that has restricted voting rights for long-term immigrants over the past 25 years is unconstitutional.

In today's decision, the Supreme Court of the State has said that restrictions can not be justified.

The court said that the idea of ​​the honesty of the elections by the government was unclear.

An example was brought by two Canadians who lived in the United States for years.

They retained the 1993 law banning expatriates abroad for more than five years from voting in violation of their voting rights.

The Liberal government lifted the ban last month, but a long-standing case continued.

More coming.

January 11, 2019 / 5:32 | Story:

In Canada, bankruptcies took place, the Canadian central bank chief said this week, and expects them to rise even further as the central bank continues to raise interest rates.

Governor Stephen Poloz said he heard how difficult it could be for higher borrowing costs directly from people who felt pain.

"We are very aware that our decisions have an impact on everyone – they affect the financial prosperity of all, and many Canadians are heavily indebted," Poloz told reporters on Wednesday after having had a key interest rate of 1.75 percent. "I do not need to work hard to remember this. I receive daily correspondence from people who explain to me what their position is."

According to the bank, Poloz personally responds to emails and letters sent to him from the public. For example, last year there were 200 people. The most frequent topics of the messages are the situation of the Canadian economy, inflation and interest rates, a representative of the bank said. If they are not abusive and include backlinks, they answer.

Poloz's decision to leave unchanged interest rates this week is probably just a breakthrough on the way of hiker banks, as the country is dealing with what he described as a temporary economic downturn due to a sharp drop in oil prices.

The central bank will continue to raise interest rates when Canada passes soft form and the economy is building a new momentum, he said. A stronger economy encouraged Poloza to raise the target rate five times from mid-2017 to inflate inflation over time.

But in recent months, the number of Canadians who have encountered financial problems has increased. Due to insolvency, for almost a decade, at very low levels slightly increased. After a long period of cheap borrowing, Canadians have accumulated record buying debts.

"In terms of bankruptcy statistics, I understand that they were collected," Poloz said when asked about the latest data. "My understanding of data points is that they are collected from an extremely low level. So, at any time, there are always a number of unfortunate people who can lose their job or what you have survived the process.

"And it would not be surprising if things went up slightly when interest rates rose."

Poloz added that the bank is deliberately very careful and very gradual in its hiking, while warning people that the low rate will not last.

The Canadian Central Bank said it is likely to continue to increase its trend-setting level until it reached the so-called "neutral" level between 2.5 and 3.5 percent. That would be between three and seven additional increments by a quarter.

January 10, 2019 / 11:51 | Story:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will shift his cabinet on Monday to deal with the resignation of the president of the finance ministry, Scott Brison, said at a press conference on Thursday.

Brison announced yesterday that he will not decide again this autumn because he wants to spend more time with his family. He said that he would leave the cabinet before, because the government is best served by ministers who are re-acting.

Trudeau said he respects Brison's decision to leave to spend time with his daughters.

"Obviously, this will require some changes to our cabinet, and that is something we will announce on Monday," he told reporters during a visit to a new building at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops.

Trudeau has refused to plan a small mix to replace Brisbane or the larger, with several ministers changing portfolios.

As chairman of the Finance Committee (and the minister responsible for the digital government), Brison was responsible for taking care of the public treasury and supervising the federal public services. The portfolio is not embarrassing, but it can cause a lot of headaches for the government, if it is useless.

"His thoughtfulness, the ability to understand how best to carry out programming, his ability to understand Canadians through many years of service was extremely valuable around the desk of the Cabinet," Trudeau said.

Brison was the face of a liberal government in New Scotland, where the party won every seat in 2015. He was also close to the story of vice-leader Mark Norman, who faces a trial for breach of trust in accusations. they revealed the secrets of promoting the maritime shipbuilding contract. Norman's case is set to go to court late this summer, just as the campaign for the October 21st election begins.

Brison was accused of putting pressure on the newly coined Trudeau government in 2015 to stop US $ 700 million to build a new supply ship, which said Norman had started secrets to Davie Shipbuilding in Quebec. reboot the project.

Brison communicated to the lower house that he simply carried out his job as president of the Treasury, the treasurer of the Public Treasury, to ensure that taxpayers received good value for the ship's contract.

Brison denied the accusations of Norman's lawyers and repeated opposition MPs that he lobbied on behalf of Irving Shipbuilding from Halifax, who wanted liberals to cancel Davie's business and instead rent Irving for the ship's supply.

January 10, 2019 / 10:10 | Story:

The long-range agency dealing with refugee applications in Canada estimated that it would need twice as much money as it would ultimately gain in order to deal substantially with the large backlog of asylum applications, partly due to the inflow of illegal migrants.

Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act indicate that in November 2017, the Committee on Immigration and Refugees prepared cost estimates indicating that they would need $ 140 million annually plus an additional $ 40 million one-off costs to complete 36,000 additional refugee cases each year.

These are so many cases that the committee must complete in order to reduce backlogs and also fulfill the current acceptance of new asylum applications.

The government recently allocated $ 74 million in the IRB over the past two years of last year's federal budget to deal with the backlog of Canadian refugees, currently at more than 64,000.

The IRB states in the documents that the amount will not be sufficient to complete the outstanding claims in two years, and that a long-term strategy is needed to solve the problem.

The documents also reveal that employees handling claims have expressed concern about the high workload, the problems with their payment due to the Phoenix payment system, and have pressed the leadership on when the influx of claims will be considered a crisis.

January 10, 2019 / 8:07 | Story:

A Cannabis merchant from New Brunswick is dismissing staff and claims that he has a better understanding of "operational needs" three months after the historic legalization of recreational marijuana.

Cannabis recalls that most of the redundancies include people with seasonal contracts, some of whom are either part-time or full-time employees.

Press service spokeswoman Marie-Andree Bolduc said on Thursday that operations had normalized in 20 stores, despite the supply challenges, and now they understand the needs of each store.

She said that this step is typical for new retail activities and that it is in line with the need for "long-term fiscal responsibility".

Under the former liberal government, New Brunswick saw legalized cannabis as green gold – an opportunity to profit and create production and retail jobs, with a college program developed for cannabis techniques.

Bolduc did not immediately confirm the number of those who were laid off in the statement.

"In preparation for the introduction of the new legal cannabis industry, Cannabis NB wanted to ensure that a well-trained and qualified team was built, which is large enough to set up retail locations, complete the work schedule and provide real customer experience and on demand," she said.

"The groups and the roles were structured to allow flexibility in providing the necessary customer experience and managing the expectations that the recruitment of stores will change after the introduction."

Bolduc says a quarterly sales data will be published at the end of January.

January 10, 2019 / 7:00 | Story:

Ti-Anna Wang had one passport sign to see her imprisoned father in a Chinese jail before her dreams broke up again.

A Montreal woman arrived in southern China on Wednesday, where her father, Wang Bingzhang, who was the father of the Chinese paternal unfortunate international movement for democracy, was imprisoned because the Chinese agents took him to Vietnam in 2002 and led him back to the People's People. Republic.

Her 11-month-old daughter was strapped to her body carrier and her husband was with her. Wang's passport contained a fresh Chinese visa, which was rejected for 10 years. But it was not enough.

Her child's daughter and husband could freely enter China. But it was not. This was the start of a six-hour trial in which Wang and her family were detained in a detention facility at the airport before being sent to the nearby South Korean island on the next available flight.

"I can not really explain the disappointment, because it's so compressed," Wang said on the phone from the South Korean island of Jeju.

Wang said she knows the risks associated with her trip to China since the recent monthly closure of Canadian colleagues Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavr, who were apparently revenge for the arrest of senior Chinese executive director Meng Wanzhou. But she decided to travel because she might never have the opportunity to see her father again, and she thought that the look of his new granddaughter could increase his abandonment.

For years, Wang has pushed the Canadian government to seek the release of her father. There is one problem: while a Canadian citizen, despite a strong historical link with Canada, is not.

Wang Bingzhang was one of the first generations of Chinese students who came to Canada and received a doctorate at McGill University. While in Montreal, he planted Canadian roots, which included children who would become citizens. His exposure to democracy has sparked hope of importing it into his native country.

Ti-Anna was born in 1989 when Chinese soldiers killed student protesters at a massacre at the Square of the Heavenly Peace and named it as honor to fallen ones.

His kidnapping and the widespread trial in China in 2002 brought him to the spot on a dubious list of 16 political prisoners whom Amnesty International called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take up his last trip to China at the end of 2017. The list included Huseyin Celil , an advocate for the persecuted Chinese Uighur community from southern Ontario, who spent a lifetime prison sentence in 2007.

When Wang's father was arrested, she was a teenager. She has now become an active human rights activist and harassed by Chinese officials during the United Nations presentation. She married, and this February she had her first child, a girl.

Wang said she had dropped the pressure on the Canadian government to do more for her father, so she asked the World Commission to focus on something special – by granting China a visa to which her activism was banned, to get it from 2009.

In August, she received a message that the visa will be approved. She does not know how and why, but she was grateful for the efforts of the government. With her new daughter and husband, who studied at the university, she planned a trip in November in November.

Then, on 1 December, the arrest of Meng took place, followed by the arrest of Spaur and Kovrig.

"They (global affairs) have said they will not tell us not to go, but just say they think I'm someone who could be vulnerable in this situation," she said.

Thus, both her and her husband decided to shorten their travel to China – only 48 hours – and global affairs said that they would be accompanied by a diplomat in China. Wang and her husband traveled to South Korea early in January to stay with their relatives before moving to China.

They called the prison office in China and they said they were coming. They landed in Hangzhou, intending to travel to Guangzhou, where her father was imprisoned. Then they hit the wall.

"I have the feeling that they were waiting for me because the border agent communicated with another agent and said something like" That's it. ""

She and her daughter moved the police to a small room where the next hour with police officers was always with them before her husband was reunited with them.

They spent six hours there before the man could buy tickets for the summer flight to Jeju.

Before her departure, her child became restless, crying and crying, and wanted her mother to be a bearer. The police told her not to let her crawl on the dirty ground, but Wang had to let her resist her. Her daughter improved and she started charming the police.

"I feel very bad when I pointed it out, but at the same time, I think the atmosphere was very bright. My daughter is quite sociable and funny."

These smiles were intended for Wang's father, who spent most of his time in solitary confinement, with poor health, including stroke, asthma and inflammation in the legs.

Wang said that it is worrying to think about what Kovrig and Spavor are lasting, but he has mixed feelings.

"Because of such cases, I feel a little sad because I know that this means that the father's case can not be a priority," she said. "When the Canadian government negotiates these issues with the Chinese, they can not demand too much at all times."

January 10, 2019 / 6:55 | Story:


Scott Brison is leaving a political career who wants to spend more time with the family that politics has allowed.

After 22 years of representing the new Scottish horseback riding Kings-Hants – initially as an advancing conservative MP before jumping into the Liberals of 2003 – Brison told Canadian journalists that it was time to change. He decided not to re-elect this autumn.

He is not sure whether he will remain deputy of the Liberal Party until the October 21 vote, but he will soon resign from the Cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, where he will serve as Chairman of the Treasury Board.

"I informed the prime minister that I will not run again, but I also told him that I want to give up my cabinet responsibility in due time and support the transition to a new minister," Brison said in an interview. "My personal position is that the prime minister and the government are best served by ministers who will take part in the next election."

He said that he now announces his decision to offer nominations to the liberals at the time of riding to choose who will be the bearer of the party in the upcoming elections.

Brison's departure will trigger at least a slight movement in the cabinet, although there are speculation that Trudeau will make major changes on his front bench next week to put him in the fight against the October 21 vote.

In the era of rising cynicism about politics, Brison is passionate about his ability to change the lives of people.

"Now, more than ever, I believe that the government is important that members of parliament are important and that politics is important. There is no work where we can do more to make a difference in people's lives," he said.

So why do you want to get out of the political struggle that he so obviously loves? He offered three reasons.

"They say life begins at 50. Well, I have 51 years and I am ready for new challenges," he said, adding that he is likely to return to a business where he once worked as an investment banker.

ORIGINAL 6:55 a.m.

Scott Brison resigned from the Cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after deciding not to re-decide this autumn. After 22 years of riding Kings-Hants in New Scotland, Brison said he was ready for a change and I look forward to spending more time with his four-year-old twins.

More coming

January 9, 2019 / 15:23 | Story:

A video of a police officer in southern Alberta, who repeatedly persecuted a damaged deer with an official vehicle, triggered calls for his shooting and an investigation into the stubbornness of animals.

Investigators say that the alarming video triggered a large number of complaints addressed to the police and animal welfare agencies. There are reports that a policeman faces death threats.

Police in Lethbridge told the police that he tried to evacuate his truck on Saturday, and spent several times in reindeer when he was still alive.

The Animal Justice group in Toronto calls on Albert's police guard to investigate whether a police officer should be charged with criminal acts of cruelty for criminal acts.

Lethbridge Police says the Response Team for Serious Incidents in Alberta inspects what happened, along with the fish and wildlife of Alberta and the SPCA Alberta.

A petition on the website requires that a policeman who is still at work is fired.

"It's inhumane and disgusting," the petition said. "This policeman should no longer be part of the police administration because of its inappropriate actions!"

"Sign the petition that the police will clearly state that this policeman should be fired!"

Attorney Camille Labchuk, executive director of the Animal Justice organization, said that the police were not above the law and the abuse of animals by an official should be taken seriously.

"There is no doubt that this poor deer suffered greatly, while the policeman repeatedly led it with a heavy truck," said Labchuk on Wednesday.

"It's horrible to watch a video and hear how it screams from the pain when the car struck again and again."

Lethbridge's police asks everyone who has witnessed or recorded what happened to get in touch with the investigators.

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