During a serious incident at the intersection in Winnipeg, a police officer shot a weapon


Police confirmed that a police officer shot a pistol during an incident that closed two intersections in Winnipeg on Wednesday.

The press conference will take place at 11.00 in the morning for the release of more information.

The yellow ribbon surrounds the crossroads of Nairn Avenue and the Panet Road in eastern Elmwood from approximately 9 am. CT Wednesday to Thursday before 6.30.

At least one bullet casing could be seen on the ground on Wednesday, when many police vehicles surrounded this area.

Also crossing of Archibald Street and Marion Street in the industrial area of ​​St. Boniface, about three kilometers away, had another great police presence. In both scenes there were more than a dozen police vehicles together.

All police officers would say on Wednesday that this was a "serious incident", but there was no threat to public security.

A witness told CBC News that police officers shot at the car around Nairn and Panetta before retreating south along Panetto towards Sv. Boniface.

The second story said that the wave of police cars soon after the traffic junction went through Panet. She followed and saw how they approached the car at Archibald and Marion.

A woman who did not want to publish her name said that the train at this crossroads caused the car driver to stop where the police led the person.

The ball of the sphere is visible in the snow near Nairn and Panetta on Wednesday night. (Tyson Koschik / CBC)


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