Disney star player Stoney Westmoreland shot after arrest


NEW YORK – Disney Channel Disney Channel Stoney Westmoreland was dismissed after being arrested in Salt Lake City for trying to enter into sexual intercourse with an online acquaintance who he thought was 13 years old.

In a statement on Saturday, Disney announced that the 48-year-old Westmoreland had fallen out of the "Andi Mack" sitcom, featuring the grandmother's teenage home address. Presentation films in Utah.

Police Detective Salt Lake Greg Wilking told The Associated Press that Westmoreland is on the way to what he believed was a sexual encounter when he was pleasant on Friday and was in charge of attracting a minor and sending inappropriate materials, including bare images. The message left by Westmoreland agent, Mitchell Stubbs, was not immediately returned.

Other Westmoreland acting credits include Scandal and Breaking Bad.


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