David Arquette tries to shoot at Hardcore Wrestler during a match (Video)


Last night, David Arquette took over the charity hardcore wrestler and GCW world champion Nick Gage presented in L.C. Confidential from Joey Janelle in Los Angeles, California.

The end of the match was somewhat embarrassing when Arquette took the light bulb on the neck, causing him to immediately hold the side of his neck. He rose, looked at something to tell Gage, and then Arquette tried to force two pins, and Gage shot both. Arquete would leave the ring for a moment, I would almost like to go in the background to check.

He will return to the ring and let him go to the mat that he was looking for for Gage to make it happen. Gage would hit him instead, grab another set of light pipes and swing, but Arquette got up and somehow blocked the experiment. He clearly disappointed Arquette, then grabbed the chair, turned heavily against Gage, and tried to shoot an opponent, but this ended with Jewish Gage, whom Arquette threw into the mat and affixed him. Still holding the side of the neck, Arquette immediately rose and walked towards the back.

Below is a video of what happened, note that it is not safe to work for both its graphic nature and its language.

After the match, Arquette tweeted: "It turns out that deaths are not my thing".

Mia Yim (who has a pretty curriculum vernacular, faced by male and female wrestlers on the indie circuit) said she was even afraid she had fought against Gage and Arquette had given her a ride to go with him.

Earlier this week, TMZ Sports he became acquainted with Arquette and talked about his return to the Wrestler at the 47th anniversary and was questioned as to whether the main goal was to return to the WWE. He answered when he said that it was only a respect for the wrestling community.

"No, WWE is not the goal," Arquette confirmed. "I mean, I love WWE and I want to do anything with them, no, my main goal is to gain some respect. That's really true."


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